Municipalities, Anci Veneto: “Too many funds in the South for suburban redevelopment”

For the northern municipalities “the danger of running out of funds for urban regeneration despite projects already defined and ready is very topical”. The alarm was raised by Mario Conte, president of Anci Veneto and mayor of Treviso, according to whom “a genuine injustice is expected for the virtuous municipalities. vulnerability index that shift traction towards the south. “The president of Anci Veneto had already raised the alarm in recent days, stressing that if the criteria were not changed 551 projects, of which 93% presented by northern municipalities, would be were excluded from the ranking for urban regeneration funds equal to 3.4 billion euros.

“800 million are still missing,” continues Conte. “It is a question of fairness and fairness towards virtuous Municipalities that have their budgets in order and all the credentials to access these resources which are essential for planning and investing in the future of territories and communities. To date, however, despite the work of Anci there are still some criteria that favor the Municipalities of the South which can already count on 40% of the resources of these funds and in this way would obtain practically more than 80% of the resources. Helping the South does not mean kicking the municipalities in the north that are building their own future on urban regeneration ”.

“This is why I appeal to all political forces and especially to the parliamentarians of the north to make their voices heard on this crucial issue for the future. Our representatives make themselves heard strongly: the real risk is that our communities are left without resources to invest in the future. It is not a question of competition with the South, but of dignity and fairness. The Northern Municipalities cannot lag behind because they are virtuous and efficient. These funds are a train we cannot afford to miss. This is why I hope that a solution will be found as soon as possible “.