Murcia fire, the audio of a girl: “Mom, I’m dying”

The message while the disco was invaded by smoke

“Mom, I love you. I’m dying.” It is the audio message that a girl sent to her mother before she died in the fire that she in Murcia, Spain, caused at least 13 deaths. The fire started from a club and spread to two other adjacent discos in a commercial area. The audio was released by the girl’s father, who sent the message while smoke invaded the room.

Rescue workers have been working non-stop since dawn on October 1st, when requests for intervention arrived from the premises affected by the fire in the area of ​​Murcia known as Las Atalayas. Most of the victims were in the La Fonda restaurant: the flames devastated the building, causing the collapse of the first floor. The firefighters worked until 8 in the morning to put out the flames: the interventions inside are particularly complex, because the structural damage endangers the stability of several rooms.