Murder Ciatti, Chechen Bissoultanov sentenced in Rome to 23 years in prison

Niccolò’s father: “A unique cruelty against my son, he is the real convict”. Bissoultanov has lost track of him and is still at large

23-year sentence for Rassoul Bissoultanov, the Chechen fugitive, already sentenced in Spain on appeal to 15 years, for having beaten and killed the 22-year-old Niccolò Ciatti from Scandicci in the night between 11 and 12 August 2017 outside a disco in Lloret de Mar in Spain. This is the sentence issued by the judges of the Court of Assizes in Rome after about three hours in closed session in the Rebibbia bunker hall. Aggravating circumstances were excluded for the Chechen.

“Killing has a broad meaning, it can happen in a car accident or at work, Niccolò instead was killed, murdered, his life was taken in a cruel way”, prosecutor Erminio Amelio said today in his indictment, asking for a life sentence for voluntary homicide for the Chechen.

Bissoultanov was arrested on 12 August 2017 in Spain and then after 3 years and 10 months he was released. After being released from prison, the Chechen left Girona and was later arrested in Germany on an international arrest warrant and then extradited to Italy. On 21 December 2021, however, the Court of Assizes of Rome released him, with a provision later canceled by the Cassation. Back in Spain last summer, after the 15-year sentence in Spain, also confirmed in the appeal, Bissoultanov has lost track of him and is still on the run.

NICCOLO’S FATHER – “A sentence of 23 years has been recognized which is certainly not the life sentence we thought this murderer could get, but it is certainly a more significant sentence than the 15 years given in Spain” said Luigi Ciatti, father of Niccolò, after the sentence. “I believe that the Court has recognized extenuating circumstances that I sincerely understand little”.

“What Bissoultanov did towards Niccolò I think is of unique cruelty. With that kick he deliberately hit him to kill. This has been our thought since day one, since we saw that video and we must continue to try to do what is right, that is to give justice to Niccolò – he added – We will evaluate whether to present a further appeal here in Italy as we are doing in Spain”.

“Ours is never satisfaction or contentment anyway. The truly convicted, innocent, was in the first place my son and consequently we who survive him with that bitterness that only a parent who loses a child can have”, he concluded.