Murder Diabolik, Calderon’s ex: “Raul told me ‘I killed him'”

The man is accused of voluntary homicide aggravated by the mafia method in the trial for the crime of Fabrizio Piscitelli

Calderon told me ‘I killed Diabolik’“. Rina Bussone confirmed, via video link from a protected site with the Rebibbia bunker courtroom before the judges of the Third Court of Assizes of Rome, the accusations against her ex-partner Raul Esteban Calderon, accused of voluntary homicide aggravated by the mafia method and illegal possession of weapons in the trial for the crime of Fabrizio Piscitelli, leader of the Irriducibili, known as ‘Diabolik’, killed with a gunshot to the head on 7 August 2019 in the Acquedotti park in Rome. The woman, now subjected to a protection programme, reiterated in the trial, answering questions from prosecutors Mario Palazzi and Rita Ceraso, the statements made to the magistrates on 13 December 2021 accusing him. “Calderon told me that for the murder he took 100 thousand euros in cash and 4 thousand a month, and that Leandro Bennato had paid at his own expense and had done so because Diabolik was spreading rumors about him as an infamous person, he said that ‘Leo was a scoundrel,'” he explained.

“I learned about the Diabolik murder from TV – said the woman -. News that caught my attention, I immediately thought that Calderon had done it. Nine-ten months before, no more than a year before, he had come to us Leandro Bennato while Calderon was under house arrest and when Raul left he told me that Leandro Bennato wanted to kill Diabolik and that he wanted him to do it. On that occasion I told him that I didn’t agree, that we carried out the robberies. Then Calderon – his ex-partner reconstructed during the examination – went back to prison and nothing was done about it but when I heard the news of the murder I immediately connected”. The woman, currently under house arrest, reconstructed the ‘hit’ carried out with two accomplices in a jewelery shop in the Casilina area in 2019 where in addition to the jewels she had stolen the pistol, a 9×21, which had been taken out by the jeweler to try to oppose the thieves. “I returned home after that robbery with my gun, a 7×65, and the jeweler’s 9×21. The mother of a carabiniere lived on my landing and she kept some amphorae with flowers in front of the door and I hid my ‘little girls’ there. “That’s what I called guns,” the woman explained via video link. “Then in the evening, Leandro Bennato, who I had met through Calderon, rang me on the intercom and told me that there was a photo of me, a clear image of the robbery. and he proposed that I leave that same evening but I had to organize myself. He also told me that he had a friend in the police station, in via Genova, and that he had learned the information about the photograph from him. He also asked me where the guns and took away the 9×21, because it was evidence of the robbery.”

“Meanwhile in those days the rumor had reached me, ‘a voice of the people’, that the victim of the jewelery robbery knew it was me”, said Bussone who, reconstructing her past, underlined how “the women operatives who There were few robberies on the front lines.” Meanwhile, “the two who had done the robbery with me, not having had the money, after I had gotten angry because I had learned that they had stolen a watch from the jeweler’s wrist, had sent me threats. And so I decided to leave, at the house of a friend who had a husband in prison and a free apartment by the sea”. Leandro Bennato “kept the 9×21 with him for a short time – said the woman – I called a friend and asked him to contact me and told him to bring ‘my little girl’ back to me. The 7×65 often jammed and I feared ‘visits’ from someone.”

“We met for dinner, me, him and two other people and when he took me home he left me the gun and I saw that there were rounds in the magazine”, he explained. Once released from prison “I told Calderon about the jewelery robbery, about the guns and I also told him that I had buried them in the garden and on the hole I had placed a wicker sofa”. At first, having heard the news of the Piscitelli murder on television, “I didn’t do anything – he said – on TV they said that the murder had been committed with a 7×65 and it seemed strange to me that Calderon could have committed a murder with a gun that jammed. So I fixed my daughter who was in the house with me and I went into the garden and there I saw that the guns were not there.” So “I went home to Rome, where Calderon opened the door for me, I was angry and I asked him where the ‘little girls’ (guns, ed.) were and he replied that they were no longer there. He then took me to bedroom and told me ‘I killed Diabolik’. I then asked him ‘but did you do it with the 7×65?’ and he replied no ‘with the 9×21′”.

I recognized Raul in the murder video: his shirt, his shorts, his posture. And he knew the Aqueduct Park well, we went running there too” says Raul’s ex-partner Esteban Calderon. “Raul had been clear from the first time he spoke to me: he had shot the 9×21 pistol and he reiterated it on another occasion. When we argued he was a constant threat, I called him ‘murderer of m…’, I told him ‘you stole my guns’”. Calderon, who according to his ex-partner “had another name, he told me – he underlined – and then his sister called him Gustavo when she called him from Argentina”, “he had also told me that he had committed another murder, before that we met in 2013, again for Leandro Bennato. One – he explained – killed with a shot to the head, but I don’t know much more about it ”.

A sick love bound us. I had decided from prison that I would change my life, I would have preferred to witness all this as a spectator. Here we have all lost, we have all failed. I have always been a silent woman – said Calderon’s ex-partner – I wasn’t this time because two guns were stolen from me and they were used to commit a murder”, she said. “I once jokingly said that I will be remembered as Buscetina”. In the next hearing, scheduled for September 27, the examination of the civil parties and the cross-examination of the defense will be held.


Calderon’s ex-partner, Tiziana Siano, civil plaintiff lawyer for Fabrizio Piscitelli’s parents and sister, told Adnkronos, “was lucid and clear. She didn’t hesitate at all in placing him on the scene of the crime, on the use of the gun and even on who the instigator was. You confirmed precisely, even with further details, what you had told the prosecutors in December 2021.”