Murder Diabolik, daughter Ginevra: “It’s a nice Christmas present”

“We didn’t expect arrest,” he tells Adnkronos

“We are very happy and above all relieved, we did not expect it, in the tragedy it was good news for us. As soon as I found out, well, it can’t be explained. It’s a nice Christmas present. “With her voice moved and broken by tears that repeatedly forces her to stop, Ginevra Piscitelli comments to the Adnkronos about the arrest of the alleged murderer of her father Fabrizio, the Diabolik ultras of Lazio killed on 7 August 2019 in an ambush at the Parco degli Acquedotti.

“Now we are waiting for more precise information because at the moment there is none. We knew that the investigators were working continuously – he continues – but we had lost hope a little after two and a half years. Now we are trying to get in touch with the Police Headquarters, the name of the man they arrested tells us nothing, also because the first news leaked spoke of an Albanian.My hope is that such heavy accusations are well founded and that there is evidence for having validated the arrest. I am heartened by the fact that there is a video showing the scene and the possible perpetrator – he concludes – because in two and a half years I have continually wondered how it was possible that no camera had immortalized even a moment of what happened “.

(by Silvia Mancinelli)