Murder in Syracuse, a 19-year-old arrested

The young man is suspected of being the murderer of 30-year-old Tunisian Mansour Aithem, who died in the night between 6 and 7 June after a fight

A 19-year-old Tunisian national arrested in Syracuse suspected of being the perpetrator of the murder of 30-year-old compatriot Mansour Aithem occurred on the night between 6 and 7 June at the end of a violent brawl. The soldiers of the Operations Department of the Carabinieri Provincial Command of Syracuse and the Carabinieri Company of Noto subjected the young man to arrest as a suspect of a crime issued by the Public Prosecutor of Syracuse.

The investigations, under the constant direction of the Aretusea Public Prosecutor’s Office, “made it possible to reconstruct the crime scene thanks to the use of the soldiers of the Investigative Unit specialized in scientific investigations, who, together with the carabinieri of the Noto Operational Unit, throughout the day of yesterday have inspected the entire area between via Trieste and via Palestro in search of cameras, traces of blood, weapons and any other element useful to shed light on what happened“.

“Thanks to the footage from the video surveillance systems installed along the entire route where the events took place, the military identified some men, all of Tunisian nationality, suspected of having taken part in the violent clash with the use of glass bottles, sticks, chairs and even buckets for separate collection. Despite the wall of silence, in a few hours the carabinieri closed the circle on the alleged perpetrator of the murder who had left immediately after the events to hide his tracks – say the carabinieri – Thanks also to the information assets of the Pachino Carabinieri Station , the Carabinieri operating concentrated their searches in the area between the Syracusan municipality and Ispica; yesterday morning the military identified the man walking through the streets of the Ragusa municipality, with the same clothes he wore on the night of the murder. At the sight of the Carabinieri, the man tried in vain to escape, but was stopped shortly after and found in possession of 8 grams of hashish.

Once the necessary checks have been carried out to confirm the identity, served the decree of detention on the charge of aggravated murder, the young man was taken to the Syracuse District House at the disposal of the judicial authority. Investigations continue in order to identify all those who took part in the brawl or witnessed the murder.