Murder in Viale del Submarine, residents ‘we’re used to it’

In that avenue of the Submarine, in Ostia, where the 48-year-old Fabrizio Vallo was killed with five pistol shots fired by two men on the run, this morning everything is as always: not a barrier, if not the orange ones lopsided on scaffolding for decades without the shadow of workers, people walking their dogs, others in line in the pharmacy opposite. And the residents of the building at 29a under which the ambush took place, enter and leave with the seraphic air of any day. “It’s a frequent thing here, we’re used to it,” a boy tells Adnkronos.

On the other hand, a breath away from there, the Ostia clan killed their rivals Giovanni Galleoni known as ‘Baficchio’ and Francesco Antonini known as ‘Sorcanera’ in the deathly silence of the coastal quadrant known as Nuova Ostia. Shutters lowered in a hurry and mouths shut: thirteen years have passed since that November 22nd, 2011. This morning the residents of the building responded equally as follows: “I wasn’t there”, “I didn’t hear anything”, “I’m not from here, I’m staying with some friends”. The five bullets that hit Vallo in the head and abdomen were fired shortly after 11pm.

(by Silvia Mancinelli)