Murder of Giulia Cecchettin, Metsola: “Enough institutional blindness on feminicides”

“Giulia Cecchettin is one of the many examples of abuse and feminicide, of people killed just for being women. This is unworthy and unacceptable.” These are the words of the President of the European Chamber, Roberta Metsola, pronounced during the opening of the plenary session in Strasbourg. “We need an adequate protection framework, more sentences for the assailants. We need to put an end to institutional blindness towards feminicides, it is already too late, there will be no words to console the families but justice is a support for those who remain alive”, he said she added.

The need for “adequate protective structures”

We therefore reiterate that “we need adequate protection structures. We need more convictions for those who prey on women. We must put an end to the institutional blindness that remains regarding this epidemic on women. There are no more excuses, it is already too late,” Metsola continued in his speech. “No words of comfort can ever bring a mother, daughter or sister back. But justice and bringing those responsible to justice is a small step for those who remain. We must do more for women,” she added. “Let us commit to doing everything we can to prevent violence against women and girls in Europe and around the world. The European Parliament will discuss on Thursday in this chamber what it can do to address this problem”, the President of the European Chamber then promised.