Murder, She Wrote, the creator of the series Peter Fischer has died

Peter Fischer, writer and television producer famous for having given life to one of the most iconic characters on the small screen, Jessica Fletcher, that is, Murder, she wrotedied in California in recent days, more precisely on October 30, at the age of eighty-eight years old. The news was spread by his nephew Jake McElrath who contacted theHollywoodReporters. Fischer worked all his life as a crime fiction writer and after leaving Hollywood he dedicated himself to genre novels.

He wrote series and films with Jessica Fletcher

Part of the success of Murder, she wrotea middle-aged lady capable, as an amateur, of solving mysteries and murder cases in a small village in Maine, is undoubtedly due to Peter Fischer who, in the 1980s, was contacted by Richard Levinson and William Link, with which he had worked on the series Ellery Queento change the characteristics of the central character of the show which would be broadcast by CBS until 1996 (and continue until the early 2000s with various TV films).
It was Fischer who decided to transform the protagonist of Ellery Queenmystery writer and amateur detectivein a woman, a US version of the Miss Marple by Agatha Christie. For the show Fischer wrote, in total, over forty episodes, also writing the television movie South by Southwest (released in Italy in 1999 with the title Sleeper with murder). He also wrote the script for the pilot episode, The Murder of Sherlock Holmesbroadcast on 30 September 1984. Although Fischer’s over thirty-year career includes many other famous titles appreciated by the public, it is Murder, she wrote to have given him the greatest satisfaction, including three nominations to Emmy Awards between 1985 and 1987. His participation on the show lasted seven years. At a certain point, the writer felt he no longer had any ideas for the character and out of honesty towards his profession and the public he decided to leave the production.

The other mysteries written by Fischer

Fischer has dedicated his life to writing, inventing plots full of suspense and twists for TV, mainly, and forpublishing becoming in his last years of activity a prolific novelist of self-produced series with murder cases set in Hollywood (Hollywood Murder Mysteries).
His imprint has been left on many other genre titles popular with TV audiences. Among these are listed: Marcus Welby, Kojak, Baretta, McMillan & Wife And Columbusall cult products of the crime drama genre.