Murder Trapani, 29 year old killed at home: her husband arrested

The woman was hit with 12 stab wounds in the abdomen

He was arrested on charges of killing his 29-year-old wife Maria Amatuzzo with 12 stab wounds to the abdomen. Ernesto Favara, 63, according to the carabinieri of the Castelvetrano Company, would have committed the murder yesterday afternoon inside the house in the seaside village of Marinella di Selinunte for passionate reasons. He was arrested and unarmed while he was still wandering around his home holding the murder weapon, a large kitchen knife. The attempts of the doctors to revive the woman, who died in a few minutes due to the very serious injuries, were useless.

The man is in the Trapani district house at the disposal of the Judicial Authority, awaiting the hearing to validate the arrest. An autopsy will be performed on the victim’s body in the coming days.

Also in Castelvetrano, the carabinieri reported two men for mistreatment in the family. The first is a 53-year-old, already reported by his partner who also ended up in hospital, from whom 2 rifles, a revolver and a carbine duly reported were withdrawn as a precaution. The other a 38-year-old from the place on which the Carabinieri would have, after the complaint of the partner, documented violent attitudes towards the victim such as to require the intervention of the doctors on several occasions. This month the woman was attacked several times, suffering various bruises and injuries with a prognosis of 6 days.