Muschio Selvaggio, sparks from Fedez between Mario Adinolfi and Cathy La Torre

The two discuss homosexuality, gender identity, the traditional family and the queer family, the law against homotransphobia and the Church. The lawyer: “If you are parents of transsexuals, report Adinolfi, I will assist you”

Sparks between Mario Adinolfi and Cathy La Torre at ‘Muschio Selvaggio’. A “tough” episode as Fedez himself defines it, which will be put online on Monday 20 November at 12, in which the rapper called to discuss homosexuality, gender affirmation, traditional family and queer family, law against homotransphobia and the relationship between State and Church, the journalist and president of the Popolo della Famiglia and the lawyer and activist of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Fedez (co-host Davide Marra is not present in the episode) immediately confesses that it was difficult to find someone who would accept a debate with Adinolfi. “They don’t want to argue with me because they know that with me it’s a little more complicated to assert the reasons for arrogance, with me you have to try to reason”, comments Adinolfi. And Cathy La Torre counters: “In any case, Mario, you have an ego proportional to your presence!”.

With the first question on what Adinolfi thinks about homosexuality and transsexuality we immediately get to talking about the concept of family: “For me it’s not all family!”, says Adinolfi who tells how he also argued with Michela Murgia on the subject: “I I was lucky enough to meet her. We argued brutally because she proposed this idea of ​​a queer family that was absurd to me.” “In my opinion what is meant is that the natural family is evil. This is not Michela’s idea, it is an idea that exists in society. Even Roberto Saviano, son of the experience of fighting the Camorra, says the Camorra is taking root in the idea of ​​family, if we erased the idea of ​​family there wouldn’t be mafias. Here I am the alternative to all this stuff.”

Adinolfi claims that the traditional family is the basis of Italian society, the guests clash over data, marriages, divorces… And to Fedez’s question “What the fuck does it bother you if Michela Murgia created a queer family? “, Adinolfi replies: “But how many times do you think I have been asked this question!? What a stupid question it is! It’s like every time you have the debate on abortion and they ask why are you against abortion, leave people free to abort and you don’t abort, right? My point of view that you struggle to accept is that abortion is murder, so it’s equivalent to saying: is it okay to kill? If you want to kill, kill, then I won’t do it! That’s not all the same!”. To which Cathy counters: “Abortion is not murder, in fact it is a right permitted by our law.” At this point, the debate opens on what is legal and what is right, more generally on the concept of justice.

Following a mistake by Federico while talking to Cathy, calling her a “non-binary woman”, the discussion on gender identity opens and Adinolfi speaks of indoctrination: “The element of the gender doctrine is a pervasive element of our society. If before there were zero at Careggi they used triptorelin to block puberty and now they have become 250 or it is an epidemic or the environmental, doctrinal conditions, of indoctrination at home, at school… I reject your doctrines”, he says. Fedez explores with La Torre the discussion on primary transsexuality and the blocking of puberty in children, which Adinolfi defines as “criminal violence”. To support his vision he talks about Detransition, the movement of boys and girls who are no longer in their transformed bodies and want to regain their original identity.

The atmosphere heats up and the tone rises, Cathy La Torre becomes inflamed after Adinolfi’s refusal to answer the question “If your daughter were…”: “It’s a question that is showing that you don’t empathize with any parent who today has a son or daughter who tells him dad, mom, I don’t feel like I belong to this gender”. And Adinolfi replies: “I don’t empathize, no, at 12 years old! I go to them and tell them are you crazy? You are crazy if you inject them with triptorelin… If they inject triptorelin they are crazy, they are crazy and criminals. Crazy and criminals”. At that point Cathy La Torre blurts out: “I tell you this: if you are the parents of trans people, report him for defamation, I will assist you because he is defaming you, he is calling us rapists!”.

Fedez tries to calm things down and claims to be somewhere in between: “But one can also feel free to say, look, I would be hesitant to give drugs for my children, without being erased from society!”. In short, an episode that will certainly cause discussion.