Muse postpone concert July 18 in Rome due to record heat: new times and lineup

Live at the Stadio Olimpico starting at 21.45, the announcement of the band on social media

Muse in concert today, Tuesday 18 July, at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. The band, via social media, communicated the new live times, postponed due to the record heat. “Greetings to our fans who will be attending the Rome show on Tuesday 18th July at the Stadio Olimpico – reads the post – Due to the unprecedented heat expected, we have postponed the door opening times and performance times to as late as possible In addition, extra measures will be taken inside and outside the stadium to protect our fans. We recommend that you arrive no earlier than the gates open, wear adequate sun protection (hats, sunscreen, etc.) and to stay hydrated at all times. Please look after each other and if you are concerned for your well-being or that of anyone else, go to one of the medical stations immediately.”


Lawn opening at 17.00

Grandstands open at 18.00

One OK Rock 19.15

Royal Blood 20.15

Muses 21.45


In recent weeks, Muse have been busy with the international stages of their Will of the People World Tour, with which they promote the album of the same name released in 2022. As for the lineup, the band led by Matt Bellany has not disclosed it but could be not too different from the one proposed in Bern: Will of the People; interludes; hysteria; Psycho; bliss; Resistance; Won’t Stand Down; Compliance; Thought Contagion; Verona; Time Is Running Out; The 2nd Law: Isolated System; Undisclosed Desires; You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween; madness; We Are Fucking Fucked; The Dark Side; Supermassive Black Hole; Plug In Baby; Behod, the glove; Uprising; Prelude; Starlights; Simulation Theory Theme; Kill or Be Killed; Knights of Cydonia.