Mushrooms, boom of poisoning in Tuscany

A case also in resuscitation

“Extraordinary increase in the incidence of access to the emergency rooms” of the Ausl Toscana Centro “due to mushroom poisoning”. From Saturday 15 October to today – the company informs – 44 intoxications with relevant symptoms have occurred which led to hospitalization: 22 cases in Florence, 4 in Prato, one in Pistoia and 17 in Empoli. 3 minors were also involved (one in Empoli and two in Prato, all out of danger) and there was a very serious case, in intensive care, with a reserved prognosis (hospitalized at San Giovanni di Dio).

This was reported by the Ausl, underlining that some of these cases occurred with serious symptoms, caused not only by the consumption of toxic mushrooms, but also by edible mushrooms consumed in a poor state of conservation or not properly processed before consumption. The intoxications are all linked to mushrooms found by private prospectors, and therefore for their own use, consumed in the family. Therefore the invitation that comes from the public and veterinary health of the company, in particular from the area manager, Luca Cianti, is to go to the mycological counters to have the mushrooms viewed free of charge, collected in order to consume them only after the examination of the mycologist .

In every area of ​​the Tuscan Centro Ausl, in Florence, Prato, Empoli and Pistoia, the service is active at the local health centers. In Florence also in the north west and south east areas. “Distinguishing poisonous mushrooms from edible ones – warns Cianti – is very difficult, often even for the most expert in the sector”.