Music, a stamp celebrates Milva, the panther of Goro

The portrait reproduces a photo taken in 2001 at the Teatro Comunale in Ferrara during a tribute to Astor Piazzolla by the great singer. It is part of a series of stamps dedicated by Poste Italiane to six famous people, who have recently passed away, from Carla Fracci to Raffaella Carrà, loved by the public

A shot taken by the theater photographer Marco Caselli Nirmal, and kept in the Photographic Archive of the Fondazione Teatro Comunale of Ferrara, inspired the portrait of Milva present in one of the six stamps dedicated by Poste Italiane to as many famous characters, recently deceased, among the most loved by the public. On 25 November, in fact, the stamps were issued for the thematic series ‘The Italian Excellencies of entertainment’, curated by the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy and dedicated not only to the singer originally from Goro, who died in 2021, but to Lina Wertmüller, Raffaella Carrà, Franco Battiato, Carla Fracci and Monica Vitti.

Printed in sticker format by the State Mint Polygraphic Institute, and already on the market, they have a value of 1.20 euros and each one has a circulation of over 350,000 copies. Poste Italiane has prepared the relative cancellation of the first day of issue for each of the values, with an event dedicated to Goro in the presence of the singer’s daughter, Martina Corgnati. On the stamp Milva is represented during a musical performance, delimited, on the right, by the detail of a vinyl record. The sketch was created by Tiziana Trinca, inspired by a photograph taken by Marco Caselli Nirmal at the Teatro Comunale in Ferrara.

“The Municipal Theater Archive, which today includes over 350,000 images taken during shows and meetings that took place in Ferrara, preserves a heritage of the history of art and entertainment – explains the artistic director Marcello Corvino – As a theater foundation we are honored that the image chosen to represent Milva was created at the Abbado Theater”. “I have photographed Milva several times, also in the context of the seasons of the Teatro Comunale in Ferrara – explains Marco Caselli Nirmal – From the selection of various other images, taken by other photographers, the image chosen for the celebratory stamp was mine, taken on November 3, 2001 during the show Milva sings Astor Piazzolla at the Claudio Abbado Theater”.

“I am very happy that Marco Caselli Nirmal was the image chosen for this stamp – comments the artist’s daughter, Martina Corgnati – It is not the very young Milva who is portrayed, it is instead the mature singer who in the visual game draws and invokes its audience”.