Music and art in Caltabellotta, the Dedalo Festival is back

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“There is a theme that has been with us for 15 years: to animate with art, culture, visions, new people, an extraordinary territory for history, scenic beauty, monuments, typical products”. Words by Ezio Noto, musician, writer and creator of the Festival born 15 years ago in the town climbing the mountains overlooking the sea of ​​the southern coast of Sicily and over the years become itinerant. “Dedalo Festival continues to fly to give hope and hope, to open new paths to the possibilities of growth against the depopulation of small mountain towns. Art that helps a territory, a territory that helps art”.

This is the common thread, the visions of various artists, writers, poets, musicians, painters, actors will open paths to different themes: the Sicilian women of Vincenzo Muscarella “Damiana” and “Maruzza”, the great Dante in world pop, “Tonino” who emigrated from Sicily to seek fortune, the eye of extraordinary Sicilian photographers, Minnella, Pitrone, Cuttitta. The gaze of a Sicilian actor like Gianfranco Jannuzzo who stops on his people with photography. Gaetano Aronica who indulges in the curious questions of the SognAttori. The painter Giovanni Proietto who will explore the flight with his art on an impromptu basis. Stories of migrants with Totem by Giacomo Sferlazzo and his stories. The journey into the underworld metaphor of the pandemic by Valeria Cimò. The sound stories of wonderful artists, the memory of Roberto Sottile exactly one year after his departure. The journey continues to stimulate and involve, to open up and get to know. To stimulate memory and dreams.

The program:

Saturday 6th August

Beginning at 6 pm After the presentation of the 15th edition of the Dedalo Festival in the presence of the mayor Calogero Cattano and the deputy mayor Biagio Marciante, the ceremony for the official donation to the city of Caltabellotta of the work made with the wood of the boats of the migrants arrived in Lampedusa , “Totem” by Giacomo Sferlazzo. With Liliana Sinagra Coordinator Dedalo XV, Ezio Noto Artistic Director Dedalo Festival.

Inauguration of exhibitions and installations “Flights” The canvas by Giovanni Proietto, “800A” by Domenico Pellegrino (Homage to Roberto Sottile).

Forum “The Descent of Hell” by Valeria Cimò.Poi, in collaboration with the association “Le Culture Diverse”. Book review dedicated to Salvatore Coppola “Where a good day starts in the morning”. “Dante Rockstar” by Giuseppe Attardi, in the presence of the author, the book will be presented by Salvatore Alessandro Turturici with Enrico Lustri Stuart from Valerosa. “Tonino” by Giovanni Volpe Medinova editions with the participation of the author, the publisher Antonio Liotta, Gaetano Gucciardo. Moderated by Domenico Dentici.

Meetings with the guest artists of the creative residences and cultural events:

Raffaella Daino, Giacomo Sferlazzo, Vorianova, Giuseppe Di Bella with Giovanni Arena, Oriana Civile.

Sunday 7th August

From 21.00

Dedalo Festival remembers Roberto Sottile, on the anniversary of the departure of the beloved professor of Italian linguistics from the Faculty of Letters in Palermo. With the collaboration of family, friends, colleagues, poets and artists.

Guest of Dedalo’s creative residence: Cesare Basile.

Monday 8th August

From 19.00

“U cuntu di Dedalo” curated by Francesca Albergamo, Giovanni Proietto, Carmelo Rappisi and Giacomo Sferlazzo.

The Dreamers meet the Sicilian actor Gaetano Aronica.

Book review dedicated to Salvatore Coppola “Where a good day starts in the morning”.

“Gente Mia” by Gianfranco Jannuzzo – Medinova Editions

The author, Angelo Pitrone, Antonio Liotta and other guests will participate. Moderated by Anna Maria Montalbano.

Promo screening of the film “My dream my wings” by Cristina Marchione

Dedalo Festival & In the valley of tales – Festival del Torto.

Experiential and Cultural Tourism. Ezio Noto, Totò Nocera, Francesca Albergamo, Domenico Dentici, Liliana Sinagra, Paolo Vetrano, Mario Abbruzzo, Biagio Marciante will talk about it.

Guest artists of creative residences and cultural events:

Pas Scarpato, Davide Campisi, Libero, Pupi di Surfaro

Tuesday 9th August

From 19.00

U cuntu di Dedalo ”curated by Francesca Albergamo Giovanni Proietto Carmelo Rappisi and Giacomo Sferlazzo.

Book review dedicated to Salvatore Coppola “Where a good day starts in the morning”.

The Sicilian notebooks of photography Volumes 1, 2 and 3 Minnella, Cuttitta, Pitrone.

Published by A Sud Contemporary Art from an idea by Giovanni Proietto.

“Damiana” and “Maruzza” by Vincenzo Muscarella Edizioni Arianna

They will talk with the author Anna Maria Picone, Cristina Marchione, Maria Grazia Maggio, Francesca Albergamo, Liliana Sinagra. With the participation of the Dreamers

Guest artists of creative residences and cultural events:

Giana Guaiana, Marco Corrao and Riccardo Tesi, Less & Alfio Antico.