Music and food, a playlist to eat in a healthy but tasty way

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Summer is ending and like every year, good intentions proliferate to get back in shape after aperitifs, pizza and summer libations. Who among us has pulled back in front of a drink on the beach or a plate of polenta in a high altitude refuge? We all had a great desire for conviviality and light-heartedness, especially after the last two years marked by widespread worries and limitations, which words like diet, calories and fasting did not combine well with our summer mood. But autumn, and the scales, await us at the gate and we must get back in shape to face the many

commitments that await us once we return to our cities. To make the journey more enjoyable, I propose ten pieces of music, linked in some way to the theme

of nutrition: the combination of music and food has always been considered important, since both involve our senses and evoke emotions as well as representing an important cultural aspect of men and countries. It is no coincidence that William Shakespeare also ruled “Music is the food of love”. Anna Onofrinutrition biologist, who works in her studio in via Don Rocca 3/5 in Senago (Milan), has created exclusively for Sky TG24 a playlist that combines music and food.

Spaghetti in Detroit (1967). Self Fred Bongusto spoke of spaghetti, chicken and salad as a synonym of his own suffering and lack of appetite for the loss of Lola, today we know that the suggested combination fully corresponds to what is recommended by none other than the prestigious Harvard scholars who suggest to always combine, at every meal, a portion of carbohydrates, a portion of vegetables and a portion of protein. In particular, proteins, meat, fish and eggs, are essential for maintaining muscle tone and promoting a sense of satiety.

Sugar (2015). THE Maroon 5 they allude to the sweetness, however rather earthly and not very romantic, of a beautiful Californian girl. The sweet taste is in fact the most loved taste and also the one that awakens our primordial instinct, as the amniotic fluid is sweet and is associated with highly energetic foods, as essential for our survival. In fact, there is a real addiction to sweets: when we introduce too many sugars into our diet, we are induced to consume more and more and in increasing doses, like a drug.

Water and salt (1998) The beautiful duet of Mina And Adriano Celentano describes a turbulent love that, between ups and downs, manages to last despite the difficulties and although they get each other unpleasant sensations just by drinking water and salt, a mixture with a certainly not pleasant taste. The starting point is interesting precisely to talk about salt, sodium chloride, whose grains add flavor to our dishes. Unfortunately, excess salt has negative effects on health, especially with regard to the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The WHO recommends consuming about a teaspoon of salt up to the day and care should be taken for that hidden in packaged foods, as well as in cured meats and aged cheeses.

Don Raffaè (1990). The Genoese Fabrizio De Andrè sings in Neapolitan the life of a prisoner by Raffaele Cutolo while denouncing the difficult condition of Italian prisons. Coffee, which even in prison or they know how to do, is the protagonist of the refrain. Recently the role of coffee has been reconsidered by science, also in the light of recent discoveries about the different sensitivity to caffeine determined genetically. In fact, there are slow metabolisers, with high levels sensitivity to caffeine which frequently manifest anxiety, insomnia, tachycardia following the

coffee intake; but also fast metabolisers, whose liver, thanks to the abundance of a specific enzyme, breaks down caffeine into its components and rapidly eliminates it from the body, without significant effects for the consumer.

Champagne (1973). Peppino of Capri bitterly toasts a fleeting love with a glass of the famous French sparkling wine. Wine is a real food with its own caloric potential mainly due to the alcohol content, which can be easily deduced from the label. A 150 ml glass of red wine provides about 100 Kcal and therefore, if you follow a dietary regime to achieve weight loss, it is best not to overdo it with alcoholic beverages. Consequence of the excessive use of alcohol is the so-called “alcoholic belly”, an excessive swelling of the abdomen due to the inflammatory effect of alcohol on the gastrointestinal mucosa, especially when combined with sugars and gases contained in many commonly used drinks.

Bananas and Raspberries (1992). Gianni Morandi jealous and also male chauvinist he returns home and finds only bananas and raspberries but not his woman, who has gone out without his knowledge. The Latin rhythm and the mention of exotic fruits, such as bananas and raspberries, made it a great summer hit. Fruit is an indispensable component for proper nutrition, rich in vitamins and mineral salts; contributes to our well-being. But pay attention to the glycemic index of fruit and not to overdo the portions: it is therefore necessary to know how much and which fruit to eat. It is good to consume 2-3 fresh seasonal fruits per day, rather unripe, preferring berries, cherries, oranges, plums, apricots, pears, apples.

Make yourself a cry (1986). The great Lucio Battisti and the surprising Pasquale Panella express, with an overwhelming rhythm, a great joie de vivre underlined by the continuous comparison between woman and food and by the mutual desire to be eaten as an infinite loving impulse. Food stimulates the pleasure centers and increases the release of neurotransmitters related to gratification. Many foods have a significant influence on mood: when following a controlled diet it is

It is important to prepare pleasant dishes, with suitable and satisfying condiments for the eyes and the palate. Eating well does not mean eating bland and “white”: it is possible, with taste and imagination, to prepare dishes that also stimulate our good mood.

Lemon ice-cream (1979). A true declaration of love that Paolo Conte he dedicates to his woman mixing jazz and South American sounds, evoking summer nights that will melt the two lovers like lemon ice cream. The sweet summer dish, of creams or fruit, has been accompanying our hot summers for almost two centuries and it is difficult to give them up. A 100 g ice cream has an average of 200 to 300 Kcal, contains milk, sugar and eggs in variable proportions and can also be taken during a controlled diet, paying particular attention to the quality of the ingredients. Always prefer an artisanal ice cream to a packaged one and, if possible, choose fruit-based flavors. Given the abundance of simple sugars and fats, it cannot be considered a meal replacement but a dessert to be enjoyed occasionally for the delight of our palate and mood.

The old ones (1981). Claudio Baglioni he deals with the theme of old age with tenderness and melancholy. The phrase “eat the sighs and a little baked apples” alludes to the theme of malnutrition in the elderly. Due to aging there is a reduction in lean mass, body hydration and bone mineralization. If we add the reduction of the stimuli of hunger and thirst, the concomitance of organic and cognitive pathologies and the frequent socio-economic discomfort, we understand how the issue of proper nutrition in old age is urgent and worthy of attention. The latest guidelines focus on adequate protein intake and proper carbohydrate intake. Aging well is possible and you can start right from your table!

Vegetables (2019). To finish the short musical overview I propose the nice piece by Penguins Nuclear Tactics who, well interpreting the food tastes of today’s kids, narrate the suffering for the loss of love by comparing it to that felt by eating vegetables: “Since you left, I am no longer afraid and I can laugh even when I eat vegetables”. Healthy nutrition and young age don’t get along very well. The kids tend to conform to the fashions of the moment and the habits of the group of friends by resorting to fast food of questionable quality. Furthermore eating disorders are increasingly common in which, in a period of profound

physiological and emotional changes, food becomes an outlet or refuge to fill inner discomforts. It is important to educate our children from an early age to eat properly to avoid junk food, snacks between meals and alcohol irreversibly weaken the adults of tomorrow.