‘Music at full speed’, 10 days of festival in Tecchiena

12 bands and two DJs for more than 30 hours of music, always with free admission, from 9 to 18 September

A 10-day festival: 12 bands and two DJs for more than 30 hours of music, always with free admission. Long last, Tecchiena (Alatri) also has “its” musical event: the “Music at full speed” Festival, scheduled from 9 to 18 Septemberin front of the Tecchiena sports hall, which is 3 km from the Sora-Frosinone highway and 7 km from the Ferentino exit on the A1.

An event every day, with doors opening from 5 pm (only on Sundays it will be brought forward to 12 for a lunch with the whole family). Twelve bands and two DJs, as mentioned, but not only: the festival will also be an opportunity to present the local soccer and 5-a-side football teams and wish them good luck for the upcoming season. It will also be an opportunity to host “centaur” friends who want to share their passion for Harley Davidson. There are still many activities in the pipeline and surprises, which can be discovered by following the social channels of the “Music at full speed”.

The program

It starts on Friday 9 September with the music of Vasco Rossi: it will be the “Spazio Vasco” who will give a tribute to the rocker from Zocca, while on Saturday 10 the popular music of “I Dissonanti” will be on stage, which will make the audience dance with the rhythms typical of our traditions; also on Saturday 10th, the DJ Gianluca Fanfarillo Sound will take care of a musical selection before and after the performance of the band. Sunday 11, still dance on the floor with the “Ronnie midnight ramblers” who take us back to the glorious 50s and 60s, the golden age of American and Italian rock’n roll. Music also on Monday 12 with a double date on the Tecchiena stage: the author country rock of the “Sky of Birds” and the original pop and rock reinterpretations of the “Ukus in Fabula”, a band composed solely of ukuleles. On Tuesday 13th Simona Frezza, a local singer, will propose a selection of music from the 70s / 80s / 90s, with dance and listening pieces. Wednesday 14 is the turn of “Nuar”, a popular Roman band, skilled in varying musical genres during the evening: it will be the task of the public to understand the most popular genre and … dance. Thursday 15th, Jamaica comes to visit Tecchiena with the “Domino Crew”: eight musicians and 2 DJs will make us experience the reggae of Bob Marley and other great Jamaican artists. Double appointment also on Friday 16: the eternal music of Rino Gaetano is staged by the trio of Daniele Savelli, historical friend of the unforgettable Calabrian singer-songwriter, with the memories of him linked to the memorable years lived with him. Following, a dip in the 80s and 90s with the Seconds Reloaded, a long-time band that offers the best of pop rock of that era for an evening in which to go wild on the track. Saturday 17 is tinged with rock: Cristiano Cervoni (currently resident in Rome in the most popular indie club, the Monk) will be the DJ who will open and close the concert of the “Redoncheappapers” tribute band, obviously, of the Red Hot Chili Peppers with the most great successes of Anthony Kiedis and companions. The party closes on Sunday 18 with an artist of international dimension: Laurent Digbeau & Afro Dream, Ivorian by birth, several times live on the stage of the Auditorium in Rome, who will present a series of hits of afro, reggae and pop music.

The organization

There is no party of music and beer without good food: two local entrepreneurs take care of the gastronomic part to cheer up the public between one dance and another. Piero del Caffè Castello, one of the promoters of the event, will offer an excellent quality German beer and Antonella from “the True Flavors of Ciociari”: from the name of her restaurant we can understand that it will be a “local” feast for the palate. The event is organized by the new cultural association “Lorem Ipsum” and, in particular, by the president Piero Toti, by Fabrizio Maramao, local entrepreneur and communication expert, and by Marco Pelagalli, creator of the “Alatri live” festival, an appointment of which there is still a lot of talk several years after the last edition.