Music: Believe and Time Records renew the agreement

Believe and Time Records renew the agreement: the shared adventure between an absolute leader in the field of global digital music distribution and one of the most fascinating and atypical success stories in the recording industry continues with mutual satisfaction and a great desire for further new goals international in recent decades. Believe, absolute leader in the field of digital distribution, announces the continuation of the collaboration with Time Records, which began with mutual satisfaction six years ago.

Elective affinities, first of all: since 1984 Giacomo Maiolini and his Time Records have managed to overturn the rules of the global market and consolidated habits, ‘inventing’ new phenomena from time to time (from Eurobeat which has become a cult in Japan with five-figure monthly sales up to the Grammy Awards passing through repeated records in the English charts, like no other Italian reality to date). The secret is to think in an innovative and lateral way with respect to the dynamics of the industry, always putting research and intuition first: in a history now four decades long, Time Records has in fact continuously been a real gamechanger, glimpsing successes and strategies winners before anyone else, and often where no one else had even thought to see them.

A story that from its first steps in Brescia very quickly arrived at reasoning and operating in a successful way on a global scale, still continuing today to invent and reinvent itself (and to continuously obtain sensational results). In this sense, Believe is the perfect partner for digital distribution. The desire to think in an innovative way, to believe in a vision of the future and the desire to take risks, to analyze the constantly evolving dynamics of the market in the sharpest way possible: all this is profoundly a common heritage. “We are proud to be alongside Time Records to continue to promote and support their visions and all the new projects they are working on, as well as obviously always ensuring that the label’s great catalogue, an enormous heritage, is always valorised at better”, comments Alice Sorrenti, Head of Label & Artist Solution at Believe Italia.

Time Records is in fact an ever-evolving reality, very attentive to seizing new spaces and new perspectives: and in this the partnership with a digital native partner like Believe is fundamental – and from many points of view natural. A significant example, among the most recent ones: Time Records is now in sight of the milestone of one million subscribers to its official YouTube channel, with a growth of 75% on a two-year basis. Yet another milestone for a company that, starting in the mid-80s from the province in northern Italy, has conquered the world and even more has been able to renew itself from generation to generation, keeping its spirit and desire to get involved intact. For Believe it is a pleasure and an honor to be part of this truly unique story, even for years to come.