Music, Belladonna and Carlo Rovelli in the Grammy Awards ballot

“Nothing Shines Unless It Burns”, the song by the Roman rock band Belladonna created in collaboration with the theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli, was included among the songs eligible for the 2023 Grammy Awards, in the Best Rock Performance category.

“A great honor for us, especially considering that in the ballot for that category there are only 335 songs, all by well-known international artists, and that every year 350,000,000 songs are published on Spotify,” says Luana Caraffa, singer of Belladonna and co-author of the song with the band’s guitarist Dani Macchi, who adds: “For us it is wonderful that this happened to a totally self-produced band like Belladonna, without the support of any record label.”

The single is the result of a surprising collaboration between Carlo Rovelli and Belladonna. The voice and reflections on Time of the famous physicist (who dedicated his 2017 essay The Order of Time to the theme of Time) float in the cinematic and dreamlike rock noir atmosphere of “Nothing Shines Unless It Burns”, a song from strong emotional impact, as Carlo Rovelli himself confirms: “Beautiful for me to see the emotion that secretly nourished my book on Time emerge in this very intense music.”

“Belladonna’s music has been used in many international trailers and films (Minions, Split, Peaky Blinders, Fantastic 4, Black Panther, Godless and Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9 to name just a few), and it has always been a great honor for us, but entering the Grammy Awards ballot together with Carlo Rovelli surpasses them all!”, exclaims Belladonna singer Luana Caraffa.

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