Music, Franco Mussida: “Mobile phones are sound-shredders that do not respect productions”

Few can claim the right to claim that they have put the seven-note muse at the center of their lives as much as Franco Mussida, true legend of Italian music, ex Pfm and founder of the Cpm Music Institute, recently released with a new album, after years of silence. “The planet of music and the journey of IÒTU” is the first collection of unpublished works by Mussida since the time of “Tales of the red curtain” and was born, as the guitarist himself recounts in an interview with the newspaper La Ragione, from the will of ” celebrate music, which does not belong to us: it is part of life. This record is not a self-celebration, I’m a waiter who serves what comes to him”.

A concept album which is a summary of the last 35 years of studiesbetween projects in prisons, research and teaching, summarizing what has been learned in a language, declined over time in books and paintings, “to see how much and how music works – in its educational meaning and propensity to enter deeply into people – and what are its qualities and characteristics”.

The protagonist of this musical journey is the young IÒTU, a sort of alter ego of Mussida himself, who in his journey across the Planet of Music also realizes how much hypocrisy there is in our world, because “what is change if one does not it can change? Everyone talks about change and it is one of the most used words, even in the electoral sphere. But then nothing ever changes.”

In this period torn apart by the crisis and the Russian war in Ukraine, the role of the artist is often questioned. Mussida told us his point of view, starting from an important distinction: “On the one hand there is show business, on the other the ethical opinions of the artists, who before being such are men. Showbiz has long understood how large events allow artists to have a large audience. Frankly, that has never impressed me. I wouldn’t want to see everyone on stage to be protagonists of themselves. It is in everyday life that a person has to manifest his own way of helping the present. Today there is so much appearing and little being. I prefer to do underground work”.

You will not find the new disc in streaming, due to the artist’s precise choice, who decided to create a special “controlled sound quality” label to bring sound back to the center of the creative process and give listeners the opportunity to get to know the various sound sources used and the recording techniques adopted in the production. “I don’t want to put my head in the sand. Sound shredders (mobiles, ed) do not respect the origin of sound productions at all. The world of sound is crucial for the transmission of our emotional dimension. If we impoverish it to make it a means of communicating information, using only a part of the musical code – i.e. rhythm and timbre -, we slowly end up exploiting only and exclusively a few elements of this open-air mine that is music. Use it as you use wood: by cutting down trees. I had the need to point out the difference in quality. Listeners have the right to be informed”.