Music, Mascagni nephew: “Always an equal relationship with the fairer sex”

“Le donne di Pietro Mascagni” by Francesca Albertini Petroni, great-granddaughter of the famous composer, will be released

The Mascagni family. A family saga, the story of women who from the beginning wanted to support and protect the artist in his work, but also of women as a source of inspiration, muses that the great composer wanted to accompany and support in their aspirations. It is in all the bookstores “Le donne di Pietro Mascagni” by Francesca Albertini Petroni, (Edizioni Curci), written by the great-granddaughter of the great composer, founder, together with her cousins ​​Guia and Alice, of the Promoting Committee dedicated to her illustrious great-grandfather. “My grandfather always had an equal relationship with the fair sex – explained to Adnkronos Francesca Albertini Petroni – Whether it was sentimental, affective or professional. And all this is evident from the story of his existence”.

The story begins in Rome in 1970. A terrible fire broke out in the apartment of Emy Mascagni, daughter of the master, threatening a whole century of memories, but unable to restrain the evocative power of her memory. “That is how, rewinding the thread of generations – continued the great-granddaughter – there are glimpses of light on Livorno at the end of the 19th century, where the young Pietro has just lost his mother. It is the first of a long and fascinating gallery of female figures. Giuseppina, the girlfriend who breaks his heart, his wife Lina, faithful companion for a lifetime, the muse Anna, passionate lover and inspirer of immortal melodies. And then again his daughter and granddaughters, but also the most celebrated interpreters of the grandiose, tragic or delicate characters that animate his works “.

“Finally we arrive at the present and the new generation of women engaged in the task of disseminating the unforgettable music and the human profile of an artist who was not only the composer of Rustic cavalry – continued Francesca Albertini Petroni – but above all a tireless, brilliant experimenter and, at the same time, a style icon “.