Music on Instagram, that’s why Siae and Meta have not reached an agreement

“We have not decided to interrupt the negotiations unilaterally, as has been stated. The license expired on December 15, 2022, and we have already been in contact since last August to renew the agreement. The negotiations were interrupted due to the nature of the amount requested by Siae, which was initially 4 times the agreed amount until 2022 without any reason being given while the license fees were basically the same”. Thus the head of Meta’s Institutional Affairs, Angelo Mazzetti, expressed his opinion during the hearing before the joint Culture and Transport commissions of the Chamber on the lack of agreement between Meta and SIAE.

Meta: “From Siae the 310% more for the renewal”

“We have done everything possible to keep the negotiation alive by presenting an offer significantly higher than the royalty agreed with Siae until December 2022”, continued Mazzetti. “We have progressively increased our offer trying to meet Siae’s requests which, however, it has refused to accept any offer less than a +310% increase.We are not willing to close deals that are unreasonable from an economic and market point of view,” he concluded.

SIAE’s response

After Meta’s declarations, SIAE’s answer is ready. “Meta’s statement that Siae has refused to accept any offer that is less than a 310% increase over the 2022 deal is simply false,” said chairman Salvatore Nastasi. “As stated in our hearing, that in transparently we decided to make public unlike Meta, the new license is not comparable to the one signed in 2020 and any comparison in percentages is specious. Meta was called Facebook and did not want to deal with the metaverse and its revenues and exploitations of our repertoire did not they were comparable to the current ones,” he added.

Meta: “Ok at the table with Siae, collaborative spirit”

The story, however, could be close to a relaxing conclusion. To “resume negotiations under objective and non-discriminatory conditions” Meta welcomes “positively the table announced by the Ministry of Culture for next week in which we will participate in an open and collaborative spirit”, Mazzetti explained again. “Meta’s main objective is to provide a high quality service to its users, in full compliance with the regulations. For this reason, Meta is, and will remain, available to resume a dialogue with Siae to reach an agreement that remunerates the authors in a fair, objective and non-discriminatory way. In line with the agreements Meta has concluded with other national and international collective management bodies,” he said. At the same time, “Meta has not intended and will not intend to force Siae to accept our model” because “we believe that the negotiation between Meta and Siae must be guided by market logic and by the principle of the parties’ freedom of negotiation”.