‘Music Paranoia’, in the book of Portions secrets and legends from Kurt Cobain to Gianni Morandi

The author has analyzed over 50 cases of musicians from the 60s to the present day, highlighting a common thread that links conspiracy theories, politics, society and the internet

Secrets, legends and conspiracies. From Bob Dylan’s mysterious motorcycle accident to the famous theory that Paul McCartney would die and then be replaced by a double. From the alleged murder of Kurt Cobain to Britney Spears’ affiliation with the CIA, passing through satanic rituals, Freemasonry and the secret society of the Illuminati. This and much more in the book ‘Music paranoia’ by Epìsch Portions, from next April 5 in bookstores and digital stores published by Il Castello brand Chinaski Edizioni. The author has analyzed over 50 cases of musicians from the 60s to the present day, highlighting a common thread that links conspiracy theories, urban legends, politics, society and the internet.

If Blondie singer Debbie Harry seems to have escaped a well-known serial killer, Jimi Hendrix would actually be the famous actor Morgan Freeman. Between the serious and the grotesque, Portions, in addition to summarizing the most important biographical notes of the artists mentioned, proposes a study on the scenarios where these theories flourish and spread. If many think that Avicii, Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell were killed by a pedophile cult, nevertheless Jay-Z would have to do with the secret society The Illuminati. Stories interspersed with a historical, political and sociological insight that becomes essential to understand and contextualize these phenomena. An anthology that divides into three parts. From the 60s to the early 90s, the advent of the internet and finally the diffusion of social networks and the specific role of the 4chan board or the Anonymous movement. A scheme that is re-proposed and updated over the years, but remodeling the same recipe made up of mass suggestions, fake news and disinformation.

If you think Taylor Swift is a clone or Justin Bieber talks to aliens, it’s no wonder Stevie Wonder has excellent vision. Kiss are actually Nazis and Morrisey predicted Lady Diana’s death. From ancient Rome to QAnon, ‘Music paranoia’ crystallizes the most significant moments in the history of paranoia and conspiracies, measuring all the real or presumed elements that intervene in these pisco-social phenomena with an essayistic approach. From the clash of civilizations to the interference of social networks in politics and society, from world wars to the recent pandemic to the psychological analysis of the ‘different’.

Italy is also doing its part. Timeless classics such as Gianni Morandi’s coprophagy or Amanda Lear’s sexuality, but also goodies regarding Pippo Franco who would have been killed and replaced by the Salatino smuggler Fulvio Franco. Not only that: Jovanotti would be part of Freemasonry and Romina Power is a fervent supporter of the theory of chemtrails. But at least one thing is clear without a doubt: Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins is not the child protagonist of the TV series Super Vicki. The author. Epìsch Portions eat bread and music. Together with Federico Traversa, he hosts the successful Rock Is Dead program on Radio Popolare Network, dedicated to the mysterious deaths of well-known and lesser-known faces in music, from which the homonymous book is based. He asks the world to be loved but from afar.