Music, ‘Save your local language’ competition notice published for songs in dialect

Registrations until October 26th

The announcement for the “Music” section of the competition, dedicated to dialects, “Save your local language” has been published: the authors must send the materials by October 26th. The award, now in its eleventh edition, is organized by the National Union of Pro Loco d’Italia (Unpli) and by Italian Local Autonomies-Lazio (Ali), with the collaboration of the Eugenio Montale International Center and, for the “School” section “, of the NGO Eip – Peace Instrument School.

There are two thematic areas foreseen for the section “Music”: the first concerns original songs in dialect or local language; the second is dedicated to traditional popular songs (sacred dialect songs dedicated to saints, sanctuaries and popular festivals).

Authors can send up to five songs using only their voice or accompanied by any musical instrument; the audio material must be accompanied by the text in dialect with translation into Italian. Participation is reserved for those over 18 years of age and is free; for all other information, please refer to the announcement and participation form available on the portal: The awards ceremony will take place in December in Rome in the Sala della Protomoteca in the Campidoglio.

Over the course of the ten editions, approximately 3 thousand authors participated and 4 thousand works were examined by the various juries. The “Save Your Local Language” Competition is not limited to music. I am nine, the sections, all with a free theme, including: “Poetry” (published and unpublished), “Prose” (published and unpublished), “Unpublished theatre” And “Edited comic”,
“Music” And “School” to which the premium is added ”Tullio De Mauro” named after the illustrious and late linguist (former honorary president of “Save your local language”) and dedicated to published or unpublished scientific works (essays, degree theses, studies on dialects and/or local languages ​​and dictionaries). For the 2023 edition of the competition, registration remains open only for the “Music” section, for the others they closed on September 18th; separate path for the “School” category which involves a further participation procedure and an independent awards ceremony: the announcement will be published later.