**Music: Top of The Music 2023, Italian music wins**

The unstoppable march of Italian music marks 2023, closing a year full of successes and great results photographed by the annual Top of The Music sales charts by FIMI/GfK.

Conquering the top of the Album & Compilation chart (which includes the channels: physical, digital and premium streaming) is Il courage dei bambini by Geolier, followed by Sirio by Lazza and La Divina Commedia by Tedua. The Singles podium (download and premium streaming) is instead Sanremo-inspired, led by Cenere di Lazza, while Due vita by Marco Mengoni and Supereroi by Mr.Rain placed second and third respectively.

The Vinili chart is more international, led by the stainless The dark side of the moon by Pink Floyd – followed by Cvlt by Salmo & Noyz Narcos and by X2VR by Sfera Ebbasta.

The female presence in the charts is also growing: if in 2022 there were only 4 female artists in the top 20 positions of the Singles chart, in 2023 the share rises to 7, reaching 12 in the top 30 positions (vs. 7 in 2022) for a equal to 40% of the chart segment. The latter is the highest figure in the last ten years, opening up to an optimistic growth curve.

“The balance of 2023 is extremely positive for Italian music, which covers 80% of the album chart: a figure that only ten years ago, in 2013, stopped at 63%. It is a considerable result in the context of an industry strongly subject to technological revolutions but which always puts human creativity at the centre” comments Enzo Mazza, CEO of FIMI.

The industry’s strong commitment to continuing to support its talents emerges from the results of the certifications assigned in the year just ended, for a total of 1,181 titles, divided between 160 Albums, 2 Compilations and 1,019 Singles.

In 2023, streaming dominates Italian consumption undisputed, with over 71 billion streams – including premium and free – and a growth of 15.9% compared to the previous year. Furthermore, 793 albums exceeded the 10 million streaming threshold (premium + free): an important result that marks +235 titles compared to 2022.