Music, Vasco Rossi’s tour starts from Bologna: “I owe everything to this city”

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After 8 years back home. Bologna embraces Vasco Rossi, who has chosen the capital of Bologna as the first stage of “Vasco Live 2023”, the tour that will touch five Italian cities with eleven concerts. “Finally in Bologna, I hadn’t played here for years, it seemed to me that I had neglected it a bit, I’ve always given concerts around here, but this time he thought about starting from here with four concerts”, declared the rocker from Zocca during the meeting with reporters before the show. Vasco hadn’t performed in Bologna since 2015.

The relationship with Bologna

Vasco’s emotion for what feels a bit like his home is palpable in the conference. “Bologna is an extraordinary city, it is the capital of Emilia-Romagna because it is capable of uniting Emilia and Romagna, which are a bit different. It’s my adopted city, I grew up here, I owe everything I am to Bologna, where I grew up, I did my studies, I went to the theatre, I started writing songs, I did my first concert here so I’m closing another circle,” he said.

“politicians should deal with solving serious problems”

In the meeting with journalists, Vasco did not send them to politics. “Today it is important to face reality, because today it is needed more than ever. The narration that is in the air is rather sweetened by those who want to tell fairy tales, by those who say that everything is fine. Today we think above all of consensus, while politicians should deal with solving the serious problems of this country, which has so many ”, he declared. In this sense, he added, music has a very important value: “Music can bring joy, energy, will to live, it can fix the mood of a day and can convince, move, involve and provoke. I am a provocateur because in my opinion the artist must provoke consciences to keep them awake, those who understand understand, those who don’t understand get nervous that it’s fine, because in this way maybe they wake up”. Then Vasco said reiterated: “I hear many fairy tales, great good speeches, but I don’t hear decisions, I don’t know who I would save. I hear people say ‘Italy, Italy, Italy’, but Italy doesn’t count for anything in the world guys, we are a very small country, thank goodness we are in Europe”.

The other dates and the disc

Vasco announced to the journalists present at the conference that he was working on a new piece, soon to be released. “In these days I’m writing a new piece: when it comes out we don’t know, but it’s there”. In addition to the dates in Bologna, the tour will also be at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome on 16 and 17 June, then at the 22 and 23 June and finally in Salerno on 28 and 29 June.