Musk apologizes for anti-Semitic tweet, then sends advertisers fleeing to the country

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Elon Musk has apologized for what he called his “dumbest” social media post ever. In his first interview with mainstream media since his anti-Semitic post on X earlier this month, the entrepreneur however lashed out at advertisers abandoning his platform due to rising anti-Semitism on advertising,” he said at the New York Times Deal Book Summit in New York. “If anyone wants to blackmail me with publicity or money,” he added (using more vulgar words), “go to hell.” “Is that clear? Hey Bob, if you’re in the audience, that’s what I think,” he said again, referring to Disney CEO Bob Iger, who spoke before him at the summit.

Disney did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Musk’s remarks, CNN writes. During his hour-plus speech, the X owner also said he has no problem being hated. “There is a real weakness in wanting to be liked,” he said.