Musk presents Neuralink: ‘Chip in human brain within six months’

“It’s like replacing a piece of your skull with a smartwatch,” he said

A chip in the human brain within six months. This is what Elon Musk announced during the ‘Neuralink Show and Tell’ event, in which he presented the latest news from the company which, among other things, offers implants that connect the brain to a computer. “It’s like replacing a piece of your skull with a smartwatch, for lack of a better analogy,” said the SpaceX founder, Tesla CEO and most recently owner of Twitter. “We believe that we should be ready to have a chip in a human within 6 months. We are working hard, before we put a chip in a human being we want to make sure it works perfectly,” she added.

During the event a video was shown to document the effectiveness of the device, which allows a monkey to move a mouse cursor and type on a computer using his mind. “We are doing everything necessary to test the devices, we are also extremely cautious regarding implants in animals: these are operations to confirm” information “not to explore,” Musk said.

The idea behind Neuralink raises numerous questions, starting with the ethical ones. The debate also includes the positions of those who hypothesize that these devices can provide support, for example, to disabled people or subjects who, due to trauma and pathology, lose the ability to use their hands or see. And even Musk, after repeating that the tests will be carried out rigorously and with a careful assessment of the risks, projects himself to the possible repercussions and hypothesizes a use of the devices in the medical field: “It may sound miraculous, we are optimistic about the possibility of restoring full body function for someone with a severe spinal injury.”

Regulatory approval steps will need to be taken before Neuralink’s brain implants are mass-produced and reach the wider market. During the presentation, Musk explained that the company has submitted most of the necessary documentation to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). “Probably – the billionaire hopes – in about six months we will be able to test Neuralink on a human being”