Musk’s ultimatum: “25% of Tesla or AI development projects outside the company”

Elon Musk is no longer enough with his 13% in Tesla, he wants to reach 25%. In a reply to a user on He also added that if it is not possible to increase his controlling stake, he will develop new products based on artificial intelligence outside of Tesla.

“It’s not a startup”

“You don’t understand that Tesla is not a startup,” he continues, focusing on the value that the multinational has acquired over the last few years. In this way, he demonstrates that he regrets having sold his previous share to obtain ownership of X, a social network that incorporates Musk’s branding in every aspect. X has, in fact, decreased its value by 71% since the CEO of Tesla has been in charge. A great loss, if you consider that the acquisition cost the entrepreneur 44 billion dollars. In fact, Musk intends to recover what he lost in X: a possible 12% increase in Tesla would be worth 82 billion dollars, at the current value of the shares.

The entrepreneur’s goal has always been to communicate an avant-garde image of his company: he succeeded in 2022 by presenting a humanoid robot at a company event. His interest in technological innovation emerged, in particular, in the last months of 2023, when he founded X.Ai, a startup active in the development of artificial intelligence.