Musolino (Adsp): “Over 2 million cruise passengers in Civitavecchia”

“Turnaround growth, 820 ships confirmed for 2023 and important confirmations also for 2024-25”

“Beyond expectations!”. These are the words that best represent the data disclosed today at the press conference convened in Civitavecchia by the president of AdSP Mtcs, Pino Musolino and by the general manager of RCT (Rome Cruise Terminal), John Portelli. Today, Musolino underlines, “we are celebrating a great victory because good news, when it is there, must be given and above all celebrated. There are two main things that I want to underline. The first is the true, concrete fact that we already have in the first days of November exceeded the threshold of two million cruise passengers who passed through the port of Civitavecchia. An incredible figure and milestone if we refer to what were the forecasts at the beginning of 2022 “.

For the whole year, Musolino notes, “the transit of 1.5 million cruise passengers was in fact expected and, let’s remember, the restrictions related to the covid were still in force. Therefore, a restart of this was not so obvious. Secondly, this great result does not come out by chance but is the result of a fruitful, healthy and intelligent collaboration between public and private sectors; and it is thanks to this synergy that today we can celebrate such a significant milestone “.

John Portelli, for his part, thanked Musolino for his active collaboration, as well as all the authorities operating in the port, the private sector, agencies, businesses in the first place and the Municipality for the results obtained. “Two million cruise passengers – he concludes – when there are still two months to go until the end of the year are numbers that go beyond what we expected for this year that still started with a bit of uncertainty. Until October 31, cruise passengers passed through the port of Rome were 1.6 million and in a few days we exceeded two million with a single week delay compared to 2019. And the good news does not end there. For 2023 we already have the confirmation of 820 cruise ships for a total of about 2.7 million cruise passengers. That is, exceeding the numbers of 2019. But not only that, we already have important confirmations for 2024 and also for 2025 “.

But the even more significant data concerns the growth of the turnaround with respect to transits. “If in 2018 this ratio was 38% against 62% – continues Portelli – today the distance has decreased strongly up to 47% against 53%. And this thanks to the great policy undertaken with the AdSP to make Civitavecchia the” cruise terminal “. These data are extremely important not only for the port of Civitavecchia but for the entire territory. Because it is the turnaround that generates the most work. It has been calculated that each cruise ship generates between 2 and 3 seats. A 2020 study by the Baccelli Institute of Civitavecchia, in this regard, highlights how the presence of cruise passengers has affected the decision, in the city, to open new accommodation activities, and therefore new hotels and bed & breakfasts. to continue, in a synergistic way, to make this segment grow so important that, I want to emphasize, it does not grow at the expense of other port segments but grows with them “.

Along the same lines as Portelli, Musolino reinforces the concept of how the turnaround represents an added value. “As a port as a whole, we are doing our part. It is clear that the territory must also have a surge of pride and seize this great opportunity by increasing the quality of services. Civitavecchia must believe in it otherwise this small gold mine will not be exploited. fully. Because the port alone is not enough: a high level of services is needed from the territory. This must be a shared victory, an all-round promotion of the territory. For our part, – concluded Musolino – we still have important cruise infrastructures to be completed to make the port of Civitavecchia even more competitive but there is a lack of funds, around 50/60 million euros and, on this point, I hope to soon meet with the competent minister “.