Mutti (Centromarca): “The consumer goods sector has kept inflation costs low”

“The economic moment is particularly complex; the branded companies of consumer products measure inflation above 20% and only 6% has been passed on to the consumer. This indicates very clearly the efficiency of a chain of companies. of consumer goods which, together with distribution, are capable of competitively maintaining the ability to bring high quality products to our consumers “. This was said to Adnkronos by the president of Centromarca, Francesco Mutti, on the sidelines of the conference ‘Unstable borders – Geopolitical scenarios, social and economic effects, options for the country and the brand industry’, which was held today in Milan.

“The continuation of this dynamic of suffering of the economic accounts – Mutti warns – will naturally not be without consequences on the prospects of the productive fabric”. After all, “the social situation is holding up, but we look with concern at the scenario that could emerge next autumn, in a context of rising industrial costs accompanied by the loss of purchasing power of families”. This is why, he underlines, “we must be able to see beyond and to stem this inflationary phenomenon, also giving consumers greater spending power”.