“My beautiful miracle”, the actress mother for the first time through surrogacy

“My beautiful miracle”, the beloved actress announced the happy news: she became a mother through surrogacy

Actress, screenwriter, comedian. With her artistic curriculum she introduces herself to the public as one of the most loved characters in the entertainment world. She is well known and loved, she recently gave the social world a wonderful news: she became a mother for the first time.

The actress chose surrogacy (Credits: Instagram)

The path she has taken to become a mother is not the one that everyone imagines because the actress has chosen to undertake the path towards motherhood through a surrogate mother, or a modality of assisted procreation that requires another woman to carry on the pregnancy for the other. And so, through this journey that required time and a lot of effort, today the actress can present her little girl to the world.

The actress became a mother for the first time through surrogacy: Royce Lillian was born

A few months ago he came out and introduced everyone to his girlfriend, with whom today he seems to share a moment full of happiness! Rebel Wilson with a click on social media in which she immortalizes the little girl Royce Lillianhas made known to the world his first daughter had through surrogacy. Uncontainable joy for the moment she is experiencing. The beloved ‘Pitch Perfect’ star has embarked on a path that turns pink, holding her baby girl born a week ago in her arms. “I can’t even describe the love I feel, it’s a beautiful miracle“Said Rebel Wilson still incredulous at what she managed to accomplish.

surrogacy actress

Of course there was no shortage of thanks to the woman who allowed all this. In fact, the actress showed herself close and absolutely supportive. “It has been years of work, but in particular I wanted to thank my beautiful surrogate mother who carried her in her womb and gave her birth with so much grace and care.“, Wrote the actress in a post in which she tells the public and opened this page of her private to the world. “Thanks for helping me start my family. It is an incredible gift. The best gift“, He wrote and concluding her message the actress expressed her utmost support and respect for all women. To date, she couldn’t ask for better!