“My father and I don’t talk to each other anymore”: the confession live on Canale 5

He let himself go to a confession live on Canale 5 that left everyone stunned: “My father and I don’t talk to each other anymore”.

We happened several times to talk to you about confessions that leave everyone stunned – the last one dates back to that of a Vippona of the GF Vip in front of her companions – but this made live on Canale 5 really left you speechless.

Face channel 5. Credits: Mediaset Play

“My father and I don’t talk to each other anymore”, the young man said in front of the cameras of a famous TV program. It goes without saying that the confession live on Canale 5 has left everyone stunned. How can a father stop talking to his son about him? He is really going against the law of nature! According to what is learned from the story of the young Mediaset face on TV, however, it would seem that there are reasons to be traced back to the past.

The confession on Canale 5 leaves everyone speechless: what happened

“After all I’ve been through, today all of this is my redemption. So, I’m really happy and I want to fully enjoy it “, it is with these words that the young competitor of the GF Vip introduced himself to the reality show audience. In fact, the young man’s story is by no means very simple and the confession to which he let himself go live on Channel 5 really puts the chills.

Born in Romania, the influencer spends the first six years of his life with his grandmother after the separation of his parents when he was very young. At the age of eight, then, he meets his mother again, who, unbeknownst to his father, takes him to Italy where he begins a second life. To date, unfortunately, his relations with his father are completely non-existent, so much so that we can say that they no longer speak to each other.

The story of the young George Ciupilan is quite particular, but it clearly makes us understand how much he had to grow up too fast.

Where have we seen George before?

As well as Patrizia Rossetti and Amaurys Perez, even the young George Ciupilan is by no means an unknown face in the world of reality TV. Today he is a beloved face of Tik Tok and, despite his very young age, he has all the credentials to break even more in this world, but perhaps not everyone remembers that the charming twenty-year-old has already taken part in two other TV programs very famous. And these, we assure you, did not have all the comforts that GF Vip enjoys. We are talking about Il Collegio and La Caserma. In both experiences, young George has made himself known for who he is, easily making everyone agree.

confession channel 5
George Ciupilan. Credits: mediaset play

What will become of George’s journey in the VIP GF’s house? The of him, as reiterated by the person concerned, is a story of redemption and we doubt that it will not be rewarded. In any case, we wish him a big good luck for this new TV experience.