“My girlfriend left me for someone very young”: former Gf Vip tells the whole truth

“My girlfriend left me for a very young one”: the former competitor of the Gf Vip told the truth.

Today she is 81 but she has absolutely no intention of sitting and watching. It is no coincidence that a few years ago he was a competitor of Big Brother Vip. In an interview with Il Corriere della Sera he said he accepted for money, explaining that the production of the reality show paid him well and therefore did it.

GF vip, left (credits: youtube)

Sure, I did it for money. I’m a frank and direct type, it took me half a century to make a name for myself and today you pay for this name “, he said. Today he lives off his pension, 1100 euros a month and also for this reason, he says, he spoke of the need to host television for greater economic support. The former competitor has also opened up about the sentimental sphere of him.

He revealed that he has found someone, at the moment it is a kind of affectionate friendship, with a woman with whom he has been seeing for a while. But even before that, she revealed that she was left behind. His ex-girlfriend left him for a younger one.

“My girlfriend left me for a very young one”: the former competitor of the GF Vip tells the truth

The beloved actor was interviewed by Il corriere della sera, in the interview he covered some salient moments of his career and then came to tell how his life is today. His debut in the world of entertainment dates back to many years ago and since then he has come a long way, success and fame are not lacking.

Today, however, he says he lives with a pension of 1100 and speaks of the need to be hosted in television programs for greater financial support. A few years ago she participated in the GF Vip, precisely in the fourth edition and revealed that she did it above all for money: “Sure, I did it for money. The production of Big Brother Vip paid me well and I did it. Today only a good film I would do for free ”. The former contestant also hinted at her love life. Fabio Testi, highly successful actor, he said that today in his life there is a special person, a woman with whom he sees himself: “A kind of loving friendship that has been going on for a while.”

left ex gf vip
Left ex-girlfriend (credits: youtube)

But before that he was left by his now ex-girlfriend. She left him to go back to his ex, a much younger person. The actor said he was engaged to a very young woman but who after a while made peace with her ex-boyfriend of the same age and returned with him: “I recently had a very young girlfriend but after a while she made peace with her boyfriend of the same age and left “. But today he is dating another person.