My home tour 2023, the Raf concert lineup in Bari

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There are 13 unmissable dates of My home tour of 2023 announced by Raf. Restarted on April 28 in Sanremo, right on the Ariston stage, home of the Italian song festival, Raf then continued his live appointments in Udine, Bologna, Turin and Taranto up to this evening, Friday 12 Mayat the Bari stage.

The live return: in 2023 Italian theaters will be Raf’s “home”.

The calendar of My home tourproduced by Friends & Partnersmarks a very dense and important return to the stage for Raf, who also recently collaborated with Guè on the song I demand you XXX, produced by North Of Loreto. Thus the Italian singer-songwriter commented on his live return: “Are you all right at home? It is a very frequent and often only formal question that indicates how much the well-being and harmony of the domestic space and of the people and animals with whom we share it is essential for our own well-being. By imagining that we extend the concept of home to the entire planet earth, the equation always remains the same. It is an illusion to believe that we can feel good if we only take care of ourselves, with that little or so much that we possess, while we show little empathy towards millions of people who are constantly suffering, no interest in greater sustainability and no concrete commitment to try to fight climate change. We are only fine if everything is fine at home. my home, our home is the universe we live in. Musically speaking in 2023 theaters will once again be ‘My home‘. I will welcome you with new sounds, new songs. Music and words with the energy and emotions of always”.

The tour programme

Tonight, Friday 12 May, at Team Theater of Bari viewers will return to listen live to one of the most important names in Italian discography. The ladder of My home tour 2023 of Raf will repeat and some of the most famous songs of the singer-songwriter, both newer songslike the last single Cherie, a hit that marked Raf’s return to radio rotation and dominated the Italian charts. Waiting for tonight’s concert, below we leave you the lineup of the tour that Raf held together with his colleague and lifelong friend Umberto Tozzi in 2022:

  1. The animal beat
  2. I love you
  3. Two
  4. Pink night
  5. Are the most beautiful in the world
  6. Sea people
  7. More can be given
  8. Like a dance
  9. We are the others
  10. It’s never a mistake
  11. Something someone
  12. Loving woman (Umberto Tozzi only)
  13. I will walk (Umberto Tozzi only)
  14. Malwinter
  15. Oxygen (Raf only)
  16. Viva (Raf only)
  17. Forget forget
  18. Today I don’t have a God
  19. What will remain of the 80s
  20. Immensely
  21. Inevitable madness
  22. I die of you
  23. Self control
  24. Star stay
  25. I claim you
  26. You
  27. Infinite
  28. Glory

Below, the rest of the tour appointments live by Raf:

  • 14 MAY 2023 – ROME – Auditorium Parco della Musica
  • MAY 15, 2023 – MILAN – Arcimboldi Theater
  • 19 MAY 2023 – FLORENCE – Teatro Verdi
  • 21 MAY 2023 – TRENTO – Santa Chiara Auditorium
  • MAY 23, 2023 – NAPLES – Augusteo Theater
  • MAY 26, 2023 – PADUA – Gran Teatro Geox
  • MAY 27, 2023 – PESCARA – Teatro Massimo

Tickets are available on and in the usual points of sale.