“My life has become unlivable”, the director’s sad confession: creepy words

The director lets himself go to a sad confession: “My life has become unlivable”, here are his creepy words

The television series he directed was recently published on the well-known streaming platform. It should be a happy time for him, yet the director can’t smile. In an interview with Messenger, the man stunned readers with a truly creepy tale.

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The director’s sad confession: his words (Source: YouTube screen video)

Sad confession of the director: his words

My life has become unlivable“: The well-known director lets himself go in an interview to a very sad confession. It should be a prosperous time for him, as the television series he directed was recently released and is having incredible success on the well-known streaming platform.

The director, however, just can’t smile. Her life was turned upside down by the success of the television series and has since become unlivable. Are you curious to know what he said in the interview? If so, keep reading the article.

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His life has totally changed since the television series he directed was published on the well-known streaming platform. Did you understand who we are talking about? Of Michele Rech, alias Zerocalcare, well-known cartoonist and author of the television series “Tear off along the edges“. The series was a resounding success on Netflix, but the director’s life has changed completely since then.

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Who is Zerocalcare

In an interview with Messenger, Michele Rech said: “Since the series came out, my life has become so unlivable that either I find a centerpiece, or I don’t want to be engulfed in the controversy. There is nothing in the world that forces me to do this. It’s up to me. But if I find a way to survive, I’ll do it “. The famous cartoonist has thus answered the question about the second season. It is therefore likely that, if he does not change his mind, the second season of the well-known television series will not happen.