“My mother almost cried”: incredible news for the former Vippo

My mother almost cried ”: incredible news for the former Vippo, he revealed in an interview.

For the former competitor of the GF Vip, great news has arrived. She revealed this in an interview with the weekly Chi. He explained that when he told her mom about her she almost cried. The new edition of the reality show started very recently but a few days were enough to make it clear that this one has all the right cards to reach higher ratings than the previous ones.

Former Vippona news (credits: instagram)

Every year we get to know new characters thoroughly. Some are better known to the public, others are more exposed on social media and those who are not very active tend to know less about that competitor. The fact is that every time it is difficult for viewers not to become attached to the protagonists. After following them for months, it is like leaving the same emotions in that house that they have felt firsthand.

Once the program ends, we tend to follow those who accompanied us. So, when news about that person comes out, you read it right away. And that’s what happened to a beloved ex gieffina. We saw her last year in the GF Vip house. The end of the reality show brought her many projects. One announced it in an interview with Chi where he recounted his mother’s reaction who was almost crying, he says.

“My mother almost cried”: good news for the former Vippo

In recent weeks, the former gieffina has found herself at the center of attention for what happened at the Venice Film Festival. The moment she lived was magical, and it was also for many people who follow her but not for everyone. Sophie Codegoni received her ring from her boyfriend, Alessandro Basciano, as they walked the red carpet of the big Cinema event.

Incredulous she put it on her finger. In the following hours she made it known that she was blown away, since she was unaware of the former gieffino’s gesture. The fact is that, if many appreciated, another part of the public considered it the least suitable place to make such a gesture. Another equally important piece of news has been added to this magical moment. He made it known in the interview with Chi where he revealed to be the new Bonas of Avanti another.

ex vippona news
Incredible news (credits: instagram)

The former Bonas, Sara Croce, announced her farewell to the program a few months ago. She now she will be a regular presence at the Maurizio Costanzo Show. Paolo Bonolis’ program ran for cover by casting for the new protagonist. Codegoni, after receiving the good news from Sonia Bruganelli, is in fact the one doing the casting, he announced it to his mom: “I told my mom and she almost cried. She has always been a Bonolis fan “. The news made Sophie happy and the same happened with her mother, a great supporter of the conductor.