“My mother? I haven’t seen her since I was 5 ”: the drama told in the broadcast

Interviewed by Serena Bortone in the show Today is another daythe actress recounted the drama involving her mother.

The actress we are loving in the series The Ignorant Fairies broadcast by Disney +, she was told with an open heart during the episode of Today is another day aired Friday 29 April 2022.

“My mother? I haven’t seen her since I was 5 “: the drama told in the broadcast (Credits: Rai Play)

We are talking about Lilith Spring, interpreter of the character of Vera, a transsexual woman just like her. Her transition path began when she was 18 and now Lilith feels like a full-fledged woman.

So much so that he threw away and burned all the photos dating back to before his rebirth. With great professionalism and elegance, Bortone didn’t even ask her for her first name: “Primavera is your surname and it’s a beautiful surname. Lilith is not your birth name. When you are born you have the name of a child but we don’t even want to know. I know that you have all thrown away the photos “.

During the interview, the actress then amazed everyone by telling a background on the relationship with the mother.

Lilith Primavera, the drama: a bitter truth emerges in the broadcast

As unfortunately happens to many people who find themselves having to face a life path like hers, Lilith has had to deal with many difficulties. As her father for example, she did not feel accepted even if things have gradually improved between them. “My father? I lacked family acceptance. It wasn’t easy at first, it took me years to understand that a parent doesn’t have the tools to understand. See you now at Christmas and that’s already something. I know he’s fine and that’s fine ”.

However, what shocked the public was the story about her mother who, however, has the merit of having given her the name with which she became a woman. “In the eighties she fell into heroin. I haven’t seen her since I was 5, I found her again when I started my transformation at 18. And she gave me the best gift she could give me, which is the name Lilith. An important and difficult name to bear “.

drama in transmission
Credits: Rai Play

Congratulations to this wonderful actress for her strength in overcoming all the adversities that life has placed before her.