"My mother was so in love with me": Toxic obsessions behind the fame of Barrymore and Shields

drew Barrymore and Brooke Shields They have been two of the most popular actresses in Hollywood since they were children, and their mothers were ever-present in their careers. In a recent interview, the two actresses opened up about their parents’ obsessive behavior.

According to Shields, his mother, Teri Shields, he never dated any of his daughter’s partners, unlike Drew Barrymore’s mother.

However, Brooke Shields revealed something even more surprising: “My mother was in love with me,” she said, adding that she and her mother were isolated about their sexuality at the time. “It was the main focus of her attention. We were both isolated from our sexuality,” said the actress.

drew Barrymore he also joined the conversation with a note of humor. “My mother was so in love with me that she wanted to be with the people I was with,” the actress joked. Charlie’s Angels.

Both actresses agreed that their mothers were very needy and seemed obsessed with their careers.

In the documentary “The Story of Brooke Shields (Pretty Baby)”, Shields talks about her career in the 1980s, which was marked by sexualization and loss of innocence. The actress also addresses the rape she suffered by a producer whom she knew, but which she decided not to publicly denounce.

Brooke Shields and Drew Barrymore They have been two of the most successful actresses in Hollywood, but confessions about their mothers’ obsessions during their early careers have made it clear that fame isn’t always easy.

Despite everything, the two actresses have managed to overcome the difficulties and move on with their lives and careers and, fortunately, they have decided talk about this topic and shed some light about the pressures that children and adolescents may be subjected to, especially when they generate income, as has been seen in other emblematic cases of damaged parents who exploit and violate their children, such as the case of Michael Jackson, Luis Miguel or Macaulay Culkin.