“My parents did not let me leave the house”: the former professor of Amici tells everything

The former professor of Amici tells a background on the relationship with parents that perhaps no one would have imagined: they were the adolescent years.

Although in some ways it is a carefree period in life, for others adolescence can be a source of some inconvenience, especially as regards the relationship with one’s parents.

“My parents did not let me leave the house”: the former professor of Amici tells himself (Witty Tv)

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This is what happened to a former face of Friends, but in this case it is not a competitor of the past editions but ateacher. In fact, we are talking about Arisa, beloved singer and talent teacher until last year.

His voice has been a pride of Italian music for years, but also as a TV personality he has exceptional charisma. Not surprisingly, the artist originally from Basilicata managed to take home the victory of the last edition of dancing with the Stars together with his teacher Vito Coppola.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Arisa recounted the years that preceded the coming of age, revealing rather unexpected details.

Arisa confesses: “They were terrified”, the former professor of Amici talks about his parents

Rosalba Pippa revealed that before her transfer to Milan at the age of 18, her mother and father did not allow her to go out.

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These limitations were meant to protect her: “My body grew suddenly. Development at nine: shapes, breasts, height. My parents didn’t let me leave the house. They were terrified, they saw me as something uncontrollable. Also because I was exuberant, very open. They were afraid that someone might harm me, ”he tells a Vanity Fair.

However, such an education would have had the consequences on its maturation: “They protected me a lot, but their love took away from me the things that, at that age, it was normal for me to do. Even now in some respects I am childish, I am not a sailor “.

Moreover, as often happens in these situations, the prohibition of doing certain things would have led her to rebel early. The singer has indeed confessed to having had her first ‘pacifier’ at just 11 years old and that it was a real shock for his father to see that mark on his neck.

“The first cigarette instead at nine years old. I immediately wanted to tell him to make him understand that I was not what he thought. Meanwhile my mother was walking around the house screaming: “Shut up, shut up!”. We used to fight every day because of me ”, he added.

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former professor of Amici
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In short, a complicated phase but which has certainly contributed to making Arisa the unique character we all love.