“My parents didn’t let me out, they were terrified”: Arisa tells her past

“My parents didn’t let me out, they were terrified”: Arisa recounts her troubled past

Who is it that does not know the legendary singer Arisa, with a delicate voice but with a very strong personality. She told herself in a profound way during an interview, revealing the difficult moments she had to go through in her adolescence.

Arisa opens up and tells her troubled past (Source Instagram)

Rosalba Pippa, real name of the note Arisa, grew up in the hills of Pignarola in Basilicata, but he left his homeland as soon as he came of age to pursue his biggest dream. Currently it has been in the spotlight thanks to the program of Milly Carlucci, Dancing with the stars, of which he won this edition paired with his teacher Vito Coppola. The love for music has always been inside her, but she had to move away from her origins to be able to do it better. She told herself in a very intimate interview with Vanity Fair, where he also spoke of the particular relationship with his parents.

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Arisa talks about her past and her relationship with her parents

She said she was a very cheerful and open girl, and this frightened her parents, who for their part wanted to protect her from possible dangers. But this extreme protection has had bad repercussions on its growth path. “My body grew all of a sudden. The development at nine: the shapes, the breasts, the height. My parents didn’t let me leave the house. They were terrified, they saw me as something uncontrollable ”.

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Arisa tells the past
Source Instagram

Cash continues her story saying “They protected me a lot, but their love took away from me the things that, at that age, it was normal for me to do. Even now in some respects I am childish, I am not a sailor “. The talented singer later revealed that her rebellion reached the age of 11, when she had her first hickey and revealed to her parents that she had smoked her first cigarette. “We used to fight every day because of me,” he revealed. Fortunately, this troubled period was overcome by the singer, who was able to express herself to the fullest, above all thanks to the music and her extraordinary voice. The relationship with the parents now must be definitely improved!

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What an amazing tale from the singer Arisa, and what do you think?