“My wife Penelope”, Ornella Muti and Pino Quartullo dress Celestino

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The play “My wife Penelope” premiered last night in Rome. The Italian artists Ornella Muti and Pino Quartullo dressed Celestino maison. Royal, majestic, hieratic, intensely woman. The queen of Ithaca conceived by Homer and today revisited in the very original play by Pino Quartullo ‘My wife Penelope’ freely taken from the novel ‘Itaca forever’ by Luigi Malerba, with adaptation by Margherita Gina Romaniello, reflects the identity of the elegant and unpredictable dear to Maison Celestino.


The brand, today synonymous with refined haute couture garments made of excellent fabrics, has enthusiastically embraced the creative project of this singular and modern work by choosing to dress the two protagonists, the histrionic director and playwright Pino Quartullo and Ornella Muti, magical international interpreter of the seventh art. Through her vibrant stage outfits, borrowed from the Maison’s historical archive and tailor-made for the two artists, the movie star expresses the complexity of female psychology in all its wide range of emotional nuances. Ornella Muti wore the iconic ruby, emerald and amethyst perlé silk and cotton overcoats with pure gold and the sophisticated ivory silk and cotton dresses with which she masterfully embodied the emotional evolutions of the figure of Penelope. Ulysses, on the other hand, played by Quartullo, gave his best dressed in a succinct dove gray soufflé linen tunic accompanied by a cape made of an exclusive blend of cashmere and linen with matching headdress

The words of Caterina Celestino

To weave the canvas of the queen of Ithaca was called Caterina Celestino, spokesperson of the family company famous since the last century for its precious fabrics still today made on ancient looms by expert hands. “I have adhered from the beginning with conviction to this exciting artistic project: I have always loved Homeric poems and classical culture in general and this very special piece has led me to translate on the scene the values ​​of a femininity so similar to the one I believe in. always: that of a courageous, elegant woman who does not compromise. I find that this Penelope basically resembles me a little and, undoubtedly, no one better than Ornella Muti, whom I have always admired, could synthesize the contemporary female world so effectively”Commented Caterina Celestino. In this way she renews herself, with a new but universal language, the liaison between fashion and theater that she continues to write with Celestino a new and exciting chapter in her history.