“My wife saved me from depression”: the famous presenter tells it all

The famous presenter told how much his wife was helpful to him in a very difficult moment of his life: his words.

“Behind a great man, there is always a great woman”: these are the words that a ‘famous’ saying goes and that reflect the story that the famous conductor made on his wife.

Truth conductor. Credits: Rai Play

Life isn’t always what we want it to be. Many times, in fact, he puts obstacles in front of us to overcome and we must be so good not only at not letting ourselves be scratched, but also at overcoming them with great skill. This is precisely what can be clearly understood from the confession that the famous conductor made to Il Corriere della Sera during a very recent interview.

Currently, he is one of the most successful faces of the Italian small screen, but at the beginning of his career, the presenter had to deal with a real ‘monster’. Like the beloved Hollywood star, the beloved host also had to deal with depression. And it is only thanks to his wife that he was able to get out.

The famous host tells everything about his wife: how she helped him

“In joy and pain. In health and in sickness “. these are the words that are pronounced on the altar at the moment of ‘yes’. And it is this ‘promise’ that the wife of the famous Italian conductor she kept in a very delicate moment in her husband’s life. To date, the TV face has completely come out of this tunnel – also because we are talking about something that happened several years ago – and yet, years later, he could not help but remember what happened to him at the beginning of his career and how his wife helped him. I was unable to bear the weight of an exaggerated and sudden celebrity “, the presenter explained to Il Corriere della sera – bringing to mind what happened to him at the moment of his debut.

We had already guessed that the bond between Fiorello and his wife Susanna was special. With this revelation to Il Corriere della sera, however, we have more and more confirmation. According to what we learn from his words, it would seem that the beautiful woman has arrived at the right time. And that she managed to get the conductor out of the depression tunnel. “He put me back on the tracks”, he told.

Friendship with Amadeus

If the love for Susanna is impressive, the good that binds him to Amadeus is also unparalleled. The two, according to what is learned from the web, it would seem that they met at the time of Radio Deejay and that they immediately bonded. Years have passed since that moment, yet their friendship continues to make everyone dream.

famous conductor wife
Amadeus and Fiorello. Credits: Instagram

We must expect it on the stage of Sanremo, what do you think?