Mygrants, a web app to help migrants integrate

On 23 February 2017 Chris Richmond N’zi and Aisha Coulibaly founded Mygrants, a way to help with technology the integration of migrants arriving in countries where they do not know the customs, often not even the language, and where it is difficult to find information and especially work.

For integration

“In 2016 we had the peak of arrivals and we understood that all countries had difficulty managing not so much migration flows as integration”, explains founder Chris Richmond N’zi. And this can also be done through work: creating the necessary skills to make them available to the host communities. The app aims to match demand with supply, trying to make the search more and more targeted and the answer more and more precise.

What is Mygrants

The first web-app based on microlearning that aims to provide migrants with information, but also training and job opportunities. By accessing the site you can develop linguistic and digital skills but above all enter those you have to look for a job position that fits your profile.

The arrival of war in Ukraine

The need for integration was seen even more with the start of the war in Ukraine and the displaced people who arrived in various European countries. “We have translated almost all the content into Ukrainian to help people find the most suitable job opportunity based on their profile,” explains Chris Richmond N’zi. A way to help those who find themselves without points of reference and can thus start over with their skills to build a life in another country.