‘Na Pizza, with Renato Bosco discovering the secrets of pizza. The interview

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In the new format ‘Na Pizza arriving on Sky in absolute TV premiere, Renato Boscoentrepreneur and pizza-researcher, whose homonymous pizzeria in San Martino Buon Albergo in Verona is at the top of the Gambero Rosso Guide Pizzerie d’Italia 2023, accompanies us in the discovery of the most loved dish in Italy and in the world, his majesty, pizza. Waiting to see him at work, starting December 9 on Sky and streaming on NOW, we interviewed him to get to know him better. Here’s what he told us.

the interview with Renato Bosco

You entered the world of catering at the age of 15, how did this passion of yours come about?
Initially it was a family need, in that period my father lost his job and by pure chance I went to work in the pizzeria in the village run by people from Salerno who had all the ingredients from their territories arrive. It is there that I enter into harmony with the world of pizza.

Is there a teaching that you bring with you from the bottom up and what advice would you give to the new recruits?
Surely the hunger to know, to discover and re-discover something new is always fundamental, mine scholastic knowledge has stopped due to necessity, but I can guarantee that to get to certain results you have to study a lot and doing it while you work is complex. I’m not a child of art, for me study is in the first place, never stop investigating.

Could it be for this reason that many call you a “pizza-researcher”?
Yes, I’m definitely curious and I think, among other things, that this feature of mine is also my luck. For me it means continuing to want to deepen, without ceasing to ask myself questions, that’s where that term comes from.

How has the pizza culture changed over the years?
In the last fifteen years a lot, I have seen this world grow, I have been among those who have broken the mold. Culture has changed, today’s pizza maker wants to share, once there were dogmas and secrets, it was unthinkable to exchange a recipe, today there is a desire to share, and there is no longer southern pizza, but a pizza Italian.

Pizza maker, entrepreneur and teacher, which of these roles do you best recognize?
In order: pizza maker, teacher and entrepreneur, and in any case I feel I’m still growing, in recent years I’ve been working hard on an entrepreneurial level. Right now the roles are aligned and go hand in hand.

If the format arriving on Sky Uno were a pizza, what (gourmet) pizza would it be?
Undoubtedly a margherita, for me it is the gourmet pizza par excellence and then it has the colors of Italy. When I go around with my friends I always take that, it’s the starting point, to understand leavening, the quality of the ingredients and all the rest.

A good reason not to miss even one of the six premiere TV appointments.
There are many reasons, meanwhile from the north and south of Italy there are many piazzaioli and each tells their own region, their own growth. Whoever watches ‘Na Pizza with the right attention will obtain a precious cultural enrichment, just like on a journey.