Nacho Gutiérrez surprises with a new social program: “Today everything I do has to do with helping others”

When spaces dedicated to social support become scarce, from Radio Pudahuel announce a new program, created and designed for their auditors, to listen and support them. One of its drivers and creators is Nacho Gutierrez, who we have seen supporting different social initiatives throughout his career as a communicator.

From the radio he tells us “This program comes hand in hand with a path that I have been traveling for a long time, which is the duty I feel with those who seek answers or support for their problems, today we open a window for those who need to resolve labor doubts or a showcase for their ventures, I am fulfilling one more dream in my life”.

Since leaving the national channel, the communicator has dedicated himself to working in foundations, supporting and leading initiatives already known to all as scholarships to study English, a project that began in the pintana and has already expanded to the region of Maule. This new radial space follows the line of what Nacho himself tells us: “Today everything I do has to do with helping others, I think I have a duty and I do it with pleasure, even more so if I have the possibility of having a showcase as important as Radio Pudahuel”

When does the new Nacho Gutierrez program start?

The premiere chapter is scheduled for this Saturday September 10 at 5 p.m.a space of 2 hours where they will have the driving of Nacho Y Titi Garcia Huidobroalso joins the panel the lawyer Nicholas Salus, who will be available to answer all legal queries entered by the auditors. In addition, there will be a space available for the dissemination of ventures and a raffle for each broadcast program where the prize will be cash.

The driver adds “These spaces are highly valued by our auditors, they want to feel accompanied, that is why communication will be direct, we will have WhatsApp open throughout the program, managed by me and Titi, we will answer as many questions as possible, in fact , we already have requests ready, which we will respond to this Saturday”