Nadef, Ciriani’s alert to ministers on the vote: “Confirm presence via email”

Last Wednesday the majority geared up to avoid gaps in the Chamber: only 5 were absent, but all of them were justified

When the Nadef and the budget deviation were voted on in Parliament on Wednesday 11 October, the government was able to breathe a sigh of relief. Parliamentary steps, as we know, sometimes hide pitfalls, especially when an absolute majority is required in the Chamber. AND even a solid majority like the one supported by Giorgia Meloni has equipped itself to avoid gaps in the Chamber when such important votes are facedwith the maneuver arriving in the Council of Ministers on Monday. The Minister for Relations with Parliament, Luca Ciriani for this reason he had circled the date of the 11th in red and by time, last week, he addressed government officials, underlining the need for everyone to be present in the Chamber.

Not the usual requestusually in capital letters, in which we limit ourselves to a laconic ‘Presence is necessary’, which accompanies the date, place and occasion of the vote (as can be read in the email which arrived in the last few hours close to the vote on the ‘resolutions’ on Israel). This time the minister would also have asked to know the reasons for any absences. We are faced with a vote that requires “an absolute majority of the members of the assembly”, writes Ciriani, “presence is therefore absolutely necessary”, we read in capital letters. A message that ends with the request for “confirm participation at email address” immediately after indicated.

Result of moral suasion: government seats in compact ranks in the House and Senate, with only 5 ‘justified’ absences: the head of Foreign Affairs, Antoni Tajani was in fact on a mission in Egypt, with his deputy Edmondo Cirielli, the minister for Agriculture and food sovereignty, Francesco Lollobrigida, was also abroad, while the undersecretary of the Interior Wanda was stuck at home Iron. Just as abroad, in the United States, the undersecretary with responsibility for Publishing Alberto Barachini was also present. At the end of the day the deviation passed without problems, 224 votes in favor in the House and 111 in the Senate. Numbers that seem to bear witness, despite the delicate phase, with the emerging international tensions, proof of the great unity of the majority in support of the government.