Nadia Ferreira demonstrates what is the perfect swimsuit for future mothers

Nadia Ferreira you are very close to having your baby with Mark Anthony. Many seers and followers have speculated that it is a male, although there is nothing definite about it. Only after birth, celebrities will tell their audience the sex and name of the baby. At the moment these are data that have been reserved for your family environment.

Although there are no confirmed sources, for weeks the media around the world have been talking about a possible divorce crisis between Nadia and Mark Anthony. The journalist Javier Ceriani, in his program Chisme no like, was the one who shared some details about it and maintained that she is still in Miami, but he is in another city.

According to the communicator, there is already a signed document and pre-agreement. In case everyone wants to go their own way, Mark I would give Nadia $25,000 a month until you get back together. This past weekend, the salsa dancer would have denied the rumors with a particular publication.

Nadia Ferreira and Msrc Anthony happy. Source: Instagram @marcanthony

Mark Anthony He published a photograph where he is seen laughing with his wife. “Hahahahahaha haha” was the text that accompanied the post, most likely mocking those who give them separately. For her part, the former beauty queen has published some photographs from the past, where she can see an incipient pregnancy belly.

Nadia Ferreira in a red swimsuit. Source: Instagram @nadiaferreira

“Lady in red”, he wrote in the post, which in Spanish means “Give me red” and refers to the famous song of the ’80s, by the Irish nationalized Argentine composer and singer Chris de Burgh. Nadia posed in a red bathing suit that highlighted her fair complexion. The same even ruffles on her legs, ideal for future mothers. The Instagram post surpassed 150,000 likes of her. Even Salma Hayek commented “WOW”.

Nadia Ferreira in a red swimsuit. Source: Instagram @nadiaferreira