Nadia Ferreira showed off her baby bump in a tight body, ideal for future mothers

Nadia Ferreira is a Paraguayan model and businesswoman who became known in the fashion world for having been part of one of the most important beauty competitions of all, such as Miss Universe. The 23-year-old was a finalist in one of the last editions and there she began her long international career. It was then that she met Mark Anthony, with whom he quickly fell in love, they became engaged, married and are expecting their first child. Through her Instagram account, the former Miss Universe boasted a body pump for future mothers with which she moved the network and stole all eyes on her.

the world of fashion and ferreira Apparently they were destined to meet, taking into account that since she was a teenager she was crowned Miss Teen Universe Paraguay in 2015 and by that age she already had an important career as a model. In 2018 she participated in important fashion shows both in New York and Barcelona and from there she has been the image of important brands. In 2021 she decided to represent Paraguay in Miss Universe and ended up being one of her two finalists, thus giving her country the best placement in the history of the pageant.

Nadia Ferreira was a finalist for Miss Universe. Source Instagram @nadiatferreira

However, Nadia Ferreira She did not become known only for modeling, but for beginning her love relationship with the Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony, whom she met at the beginning of 2022. Since the love was so strong, the couple announced their courtship and later their marriage, that one very luxurious and was attended by important guests. After the wedding, both the singer and the model confirmed that they were expecting their first child.

Nadia Ferreira and Marc Anthony. Source Instagram @nadiatferreira

On his Instagram account, where he has more than two and a half million followers, Nadia Ferreira caused tenderness on social networks after posing with her pregnant belly and wearing a tight body pump for future mothers that caused a sensation. Marc Anthony’s wife accompanied the post with the phrase: “Enjoying every second of this blessing.” The publication received thousands of compliments who fell in love with the look.

Nadia Ferreira’s body pump. Source Instagram @nadiatferreira

The wife of Mark Anthony she chose a totally black body pump and some dark glasses with which she fell in love or everyone. Nadia Ferreira is going through her last weeks of pregnancy and her cravings were known and it is about cheese-flavored Paraguayan chips that are her weakness and that probably gave Marc Anthony a headache.

Nadia Ferreira’s body pump. Source Instagram @nadiatferreira