Nadia Ferreira: this is the unknown level of studies of the future wife of Marc Anthony

Nadia Ferreira and Marc Anthony they are about to get married. Nothing is missing for the wedding to happen, but that’s why here you can learn more about who the singer’s fiancée is. Nadia Ferreira is Miss Paraguay, she is 23 years old and he is 54 years old. This age difference is what has caused the most talk. But the truth is that you can see them super in love.

In recent days they spent a family vacation in the Dominican Republic, in a house owned by Mark Anthony, In addition, the couple have a long-adopted puppy called Blu and that is as if it were their son.

Nadia Ferreira nation on May 10, 1999 in Villarica, Paraguay. She always dreamed of becoming a model, from a very young age. And it is that she also has the necessary qualities, since for example, she is super tall, she measures 1.75 meters. Clearly Nadia has achieved her goal in modeling but this is not her only profession.

Nadia and her title. Source: Instagram @nadiatferreira

Few people know that Nadia Ferreira He has studied at the university. The model is a commercial engineer, and her home of studies was the American University. Although she has chosen to work as a model, this is a title that will always accompany her and complements her professional career.

Nadia Ferreira She started working from a very young age as a model. She was just 13 years old when she was hired for her first jobs. At 15 she already ventured into some jobs that would give her greater visibility on radio and television. At that age she also represented her country in Miss Teen Universe. Nadia, she also stands out for her ease with languages, the model knows how to speak English, Portuguese, Italian and German. In addition, of course due to her place of origin, she knows how to speak Guarani very well.

Another of the things that make Nadia a great person is that he dedicates his time to help an NGO, which aims to provide support for the reintegration of women who have been imprisoned into the workplace. She also has a business, NF, that helps women who have experienced domestic violence.